Hey there.

I have only just had time to read Issue 122 and I am sure that now, everyone knows Paul is part of the LGBT community (I say LGBT because I don't want to insinuate Paul being gay, even thought it is very likely he is homosexual, but since there are many other sexualitys out there where a man can like a man, I will wait for Kirkman to actually state it.)

Well I don't know what everyone else thinks, but Paul is my favorite character, and now that I have found out that he is LGBT, I love him even more. There are very few characters in the Comic Series who are LGBT, and making a bad-ass character such as Monroe LBGT makes the character even more better.

I seen a post somewhere that said, 'I don't see what's the appeal to making Jesus gay. The guy was one of the most badass characters in the comics and now he's just going to be reduced to being a feminine weirdo.', this is so wrong that is makes me facepalm. Not all gay men are feminine or campy, I myself am gay, and I don't prance about in a tutu and I don't act like a steryotypical gay guy, and I don't see Jesus doing this either. Jesus is bad-ass, now he is bad-ass, but gay, I don't see how anything could change except Kirkman giving him more story, which is brilliant because quite a lot of people complain about characters not having enough story. Well here we have it, Kirkman is giving more character development to a character.


What are your thoughts about about Kirkman's decision to make Jesus LGBT? Do you think it is a bad path to take or a good path?

Thanks for reading, as LGBT matters are really important to me and kind of make me really ranty ahah. So if something is meant as a joke, and I take it serious, its because I have a big opinion on these types of subjects :)

I am sorry if a blog like this has been made before, but these are my views and I hope you can be respectful of them, even if you don't agree.