Ok well this bothered me abit the fact that the extras were not included in the mid season Final and fates left unknown and people didnt recieve proper names that should have. 

The boy with glasses and the girl with brown hair they both survived the attack on D they should have came out of the prison along with the other prison kids even though they were just extras they still should have included them. don't really care about Eryn Ridlings or the Woodbury Blonde Boy since they VANISHED THATS RIGHT VANISHED from the show.

Ms Mcleod don't even know whats going on with her character she in my mind should have been seen making it onto the bus the actress should not have said she was going to return and didnt even turn in for an episode bit of an annoyance. 

The african black lady Lenora again she was not even on set for the mid season honestly she should have been included on the bus shame that they do this like Deanna Dixon somehow made it onto the bus and we didnt even see her again a bit of an annoyance. 

Annoying that David,Chloe and Henry were given names and Adam Daniels wasn't, Sick Teenager wasnt given a proper name along with the Achey Woman who should have probably been given the name Ms Richards instead of Achey Woman and the guy Taylor McPherson probably shouldnt have even been given the name Thomas and that name should have went to the sick teenager.Crying Mom definitely should have been given a name since she was a co star and also Jan Harrelson was given a name Noris' son should have recieved a name by maybe Hershel mentioning him is he ok or something annoying.

Evelyn Elliot's character and Bill Vella's character should have had they're deaths on screen instead of off screen very stupid on the shows behalf.I say Sarah Wildman should have been a co star in that episode despite not having any lines.

By episode 9/10 Sick Teenager,Achey Woman,Adam Daniels person should recieve names before they die.