Honestly Rowan's character should have been explored deeply through season 3 but she only appeared 1 episode out of the whole season O_O

Eileen really should have been brought to the prison at the end of season 3 and instead of the crying mom it should have been Eileen.

Betty Coleman should have been brought to the prison due to her age and all i think she should have taken the role of the Achey Woman.

Dr Stevens is a wasted character during season 3 she should have been explored but only appeared 2 episodes out of season 3 very disappointing in my opinion she should have joined the prison and became Dr S in my mind.

Mrs Foster and her Daughter's fate was very unclear even though they were extras there fate should have been explored i say Mrs Foster should have died at the Season 3 final and her daughter should have been confirmed she died in the arena when Rick's group fired on them and walkers invaded the arena.

What is everyone's opinion on this???