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Who I THINK will die in season 3

BadgerTv0 December 11, 2012 User blog:BadgerTv0


I've been thinking about making a list of who I THINK will die in the rest of season 3, P.S. I disable comments because I have a history of getting mad about them. 

Season 3 - P.S. I include how I THINK they will die and what episode I THINK it happens in. Please remember, no spoilers, nothing official MY THOUGHTS ALL OF IT. I will also put reasons why. 

Episode 9 -

Caesar - I think he will be someone who gets in the way of Darryl after (NOTE: this is not a spoiler, Darryl lives because of the promotion for episode 9) he escapes. 

Episode 12 - 

Hershel - I think he will be ripped up by walkers. 

Ben - I think he will kill himself because of the fact Donna is dead. 

Episode 13 - 

Merle - I think he will reach the prison and get bit by a walker and Darryl will have to kill him. 

Episode 14 - 

Axel - I think he will get bit and Glenn will shoot him. 

Dr. Stevens - I think Rick will kill her.

Episode 15 - 

Judith - Shot by someone

Episode 16 - 

Shupert - Shot by Darryl


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