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What was up with the hermit?

BadgerTv0 January 2, 2013 User blog:BadgerTv0

Okay, this is a discussion. Let me start out with a backstory to this -

I was reading someones blog about the hermit and they were saying that the hermit - When the dead come knocking - was a useless plot point. 

And, I agreed. But, if you know The Walking Dead, theres nearly always a plot point (Randall, Herschel, etc.) so I believe that the hermit will come up - in a way - later on. 

Maybe he had a group... 

Maybe he was a carnivore, thus being why when/IF he saw the zombies he didn't think anything of it...

Theres a lot of possibilities... 

I believe he will come up either in the end of season 3, sometime in season 4, or maybe even be the former group leader, and maybe he sent his group outside when they saw Rick coming, then he hid under the blanket, and his group hid in some bushes where they couldn't get bitten or killed, then maybe his group members spotted Rick and want vegeance. One of my thoughts is that his group's new leader will be Neegan, or maybe someone smaller than Neegan and The Governor in fearsome terms that will try to get Rick in season 5. I believe if the group's new leader ISN'T Neegan, that the group will track down Rick when their leaving the prison (That would most likely be the end of season 4) but Rick would get away without any harm done to anyone, then maybe the group will just live on and sort of follow Rick's group for the rest of the show... 

Tell me what you think below.

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