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Prey interviews - what is going to happen?

I've been reading some interviews, I didn't write them down so I forget the exact words, who said what, and stuff like that... But from what I've read, there is going to be a ten minute "Cat-and-mouse" seqeuence in this episode that'll leave us swearing when it comes to an end. What do you guys think will happen? I was thinking maybe Andrea's going to die, but then I thought and remembered Laurie Holden (Andrea's actress) tweated and said episode 14 and 11 are her favorites... 

In another interview I read, it was the current showrunner (I believe it was, anyway) and he said he'd rather talk about ep. 14 instead of ep. 16 when someone asked him about the season finale, odd, wouldn't you guys think?

I have a feeling this episode is going to be great, and I think someone is going to die, but I don't know who... I don't think it'll be Andrea or Milton, and I hope not Tyreese, maybe Sasha... 

Comment below, I wanna see you're guys' thoughts. 

NOTE: This is not spoilers because I am simply theorizing and above that I was simply stating things cast members have stated in interviews. 

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