Hey guys, last night AMC vanished from my line up. I'm really mad. It's my favorite network, and Walking Dead is my second favorite show (after Breaking Bad, of course). Well anyways, don't post any spoilers ON my page directly please. I am not saying do not fill in the episodes, of course you can do that, but I mean in my talk page don't post anything. I do not want to know what happened(happens) because they will have marathons on at some point. 

Sorry if this blog seems useless, I'm just saying please don't spoil things for me ON MY PAGE. 

And P.S. -

I don't see why you guys say AMC isn't fair. Because in this situtation, AMC sent me an email notifying me, although I didn't know I was with Cable ONE, and Cable ONE didn't even warn me themselves. So you guys should be hating Cable ONE. 

If you are one of the customers, comment below and make sure people know not to comment on your page.

And tell us if you know where we can watch it.

The issue is resolved, but thanks, guys.