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    In my opinion, I disliked, yet liked Andrea dying, T-Dog dying, and Lori dying. Sure, T-Dog could have had more story, even when he died, but I think he should have died in like Season 2 Episode 11 with Dale or instead of Dale, Andrea dying, for me it was like the actress on the latest Talking Dead said, "It felt as if her story was good to end there." And Lori dying was a huge part to show you how unstable Rick is deep inside, and how unstable he may still be. So, anyways, you guys can comment, talk, etc. and I will have polls up where you can rate the episodes. Also in the comments, I'd like to see who likes what episode the best and see which episode wins, just for fun, I guess. 

    5 stars being the highest (obviously)

    1 star being the lowe…

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    I've been reading some interviews, I didn't write them down so I forget the exact words, who said what, and stuff like that... But from what I've read, there is going to be a ten minute "Cat-and-mouse" seqeuence in this episode that'll leave us swearing when it comes to an end. What do you guys think will happen? I was thinking maybe Andrea's going to die, but then I thought and remembered Laurie Holden (Andrea's actress) tweated and said episode 14 and 11 are her favorites... 

    In another interview I read, it was the current showrunner (I believe it was, anyway) and he said he'd rather talk about ep. 14 instead of ep. 16 when someone asked him about the season finale, odd, wouldn't you guys think?

    I have a feeling this episode is going to be…

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    Cable ONE issue

    March 3, 2013 by BadgerTv0

    Hey guys, last night AMC vanished from my line up. I'm really mad. It's my favorite network, and Walking Dead is my second favorite show (after Breaking Bad, of course). Well anyways, don't post any spoilers ON my page directly please. I am not saying do not fill in the episodes, of course you can do that, but I mean in my talk page don't post anything. I do not want to know what happened(happens) because they will have marathons on at some point. 

    Sorry if this blog seems useless, I'm just saying please don't spoil things for me ON MY PAGE. 

    And P.S. -

    I don't see why you guys say AMC isn't fair. Because in this situtation, AMC sent me an email notifying me, although I didn't know I was with Cable ONE, and Cable ONE didn't even warn me thems…

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    How will "Home" play out?

    February 11, 2013 by BadgerTv0

    I think that Rick, Michonne, and Carl will head off to find Morgan. I also think Merle and Darryl will continue with their journey and something will happen, maybe a conversation leading to a fight or something, I think Andrea and Ceaser will clear up Woodburry and Andrea will get Philip to let her go to the prison, Rick and Michonne will talk in Morgan's house and Michonne will express she thinks Morgan is crazy, then Rick finally gets a "Crazy" Morgan - maybe his son died so he's crazy - and bring him to the prison. I do not think Tyreese and gang will have much of a part but I may be wrong, I think Allen and Ben will just cope with Donna once they bury her and Sasha and Tyreese decide they have to watch Allen and Ben and make sure they …

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    What to expect from S3B

    January 26, 2013 by BadgerTv0

    Here are some things you should expect for the remainder of season 3. 

      • NOTE** I have gotten these theories from trailers, news, etc. I am not putting in spoilers. 

    Darryl lives, Merle is unknown (I got this from the preview right after episode 8, this is not a spoiler at all)

    Andrea goes good - she is scene holding a blade or knife or some sharp object while standing over a sleeping Philip. 

    Rick and Philip will meet (hence the very latest trailer)

    One more person will come in according to Kirkman - My guess is Morgan, check this blog for another theory. 

    Milton and Philip will have a 'bumpy' relationship according to Milton's actor. 

    Tyreese will step up. 

    Ben and Allen will try and take over the prison. 

    Rick will lead the 'army' down to Woodbury…

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