Hello, BROOKLYN RAGE! here, or Adam.  Today I will be discussing deaths I think could have been done better, comics and TV.  I will also say what my ideal death would have been for the character,

Dale (TV) - This is easily arguable due to the actor himself.  I thus understand why this death had to happen, but I would have liked his death to be the same from the comics.

Oscar - I liked this prisoner.  He refused to show weakness even when facing death, understanding what Rick and the group had to do.  Thus, his death felt cheap.  I probably would have kept him until Season 4.  From there, he would have replaced Zach's death.  This could have made fan's opinions of Bob interesting.  Very kind but caused one of the group's edeath, and as he is more importasnt, I feel it could have been better for Bob's development.

Merle - I loved Merle.  Truly loved him.  However, while his death was quite good, it seemed to be done just to get a death before the finale.  For me, he would have died in the Prison Assault.  He would have replaced Hershel as the hostage that got decapitated.  This would have shown how close he became to the group, refusing to let his family die.  And as much as many do not like him, this would have been perfect development for Daryl, as there was none after Merle's death to show Daryl's emotions.

Andrea - This was goddamn stupid.  I wouldn't even kill her, though I would not even have cast Holden.

Abraham (Comics) - People may have heard me mention Abraham.  I love Abraham, and he is easily my favourite.  His death was done because the issue felt lame.  My idea of his death actually came from TBSW's blog.  He suggestes Abe developing a gruding respect for Negan.  While I would have Negan kill Abe, it would be with a gun, and have Negan sharing some final respects to Abe.  And just like that, he's gone.

Allen/Ben (TV) - I'm sure many were hurt to see what these comic characters became.  Allen was easily a fan favourite and they made him a dickhead.  in my opinion, he should have joined in The Suicide King, and made it to the Assault where they had the Billy/Hershel death.

Milton - Dear god, fuck you Mazarra.  I liked Milton, he was interesting.  He truly cared for everyone, and gave his life to help Andrea.  I would have gave him Alice's death, as it would have been cool to see a final moment between he and the Governor.

Alice - Alot of people loved her, and we got a single panel for her death.  She died before she was quite important, and thus, her death served no real purpose.  I would have had her replace Denise at the safe-zone, develop something with Heath, and then die by Negan to give Heath development.

That's all I got, so tell me what you agree and/or disagree on, and tell of deaths that you yourself would change.  Thanks for reading.