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    Throughout the six seasons of AMC’s The Walking Dead, there have been both positive and negative responses to the way certain aspects from the comics have been adapted.  In this blog, however, I wish to look specifically at Eugene Porter, and why I personally think he is the worst adaptation the show has given us (and yes, that means worse than Andrea).  Now Eugene is my favourite character in the comics, so it only felt fair to discuss just how badly he was adapted.

    Part I: Origins of The Character

    Both versions of the character were introduced in the same way, travelling with Abraham Ford (another bad adaptation, but a problem for another day) and Rosita Espinosa.  They are travelling with the mission to get Eugene to Washington due to the…

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    Hello, BROOKLYN RAGE! here, or Adam.  Today I will be discussing deaths I think could have been done better, comics and TV.  I will also say what my ideal death would have been for the character,

    Dale (TV) - This is easily arguable due to the actor himself.  I thus understand why this death had to happen, but I would have liked his death to be the same from the comics.

    Oscar - I liked this prisoner.  He refused to show weakness even when facing death, understanding what Rick and the group had to do.  Thus, his death felt cheap.  I probably would have kept him until Season 4.  From there, he would have replaced Zach's death.  This could have made fan's opinions of Bob interesting.  Very kind but caused one of the group's edeath, and as he is …

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