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A twist idea

Okay i was thinking that for a good twist in the comic It would be very interesting to bring back a woodsbury survivor

Okay so this is what i thought

Saviour: Negan sir,

Negan: Yeah, what.

Saviour: We recently found a prison with a few survivors inside. There was two men and one girl we killed the man and took the girl since she was pretty

Negan: Oh really now, Can i see her?

Saviour: Sure think sir, shes in with your wives.

(so negan walks in and there a girl in the corner looking down)

Negan: Damn look at the tits on that one

(unknown): Fuck you

Negan: Well thats a dirty little mouth for a pretty looking thing like you

(unknown): Your fucking lucky i dont have a weapon

Negan: Oh really now? Look at me stop staring at the floor

(she looks up)

Negan: Well aint you pretty whats your name?

(unknown): Lilly...........Lilly caul.

Negan: Lilly caul eh? Well ill be seeing you tonight

(negan walks off)

Lilly: You fucker! You wont touch me! I'll cut your prick off! You fuck head!

(negan smiles sarcasticly)

Okay so i came up with that my self. Tell me what you think

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