Okay if you This is about possible "events"  that will happen in the second half of the walking dead.

Okay if you read the title your probably like okay i wanna see the death prediction.

Well if the The walking dead 3x09 Promo #2 you can see at 00:21 Carol on the ground with who it appears to be axel or hershel (more likely axel dude to having no crutches in sight) Well yes they are lieing on the ground while woodsbury is shooting at them Then she see the (person) next to carol get shot. She was obviously like OMG NOOO wich led me to beleive it MIGHT be hershel. What do you think?

Now,I have a bloody reliable source okay? so dont say Oh get lost you dont have chandler riggs on skype. Well as a matter of fact i DO. we play minecraft together although he cant really tell me anything about upcoming episodes He has told me at 00:22 of the 3X09 Promo #2 They are at cynthia kentucky searching for morgan. Thats all he told me. nothing more nothing less.

Also at 00:25 to 00:26 You see daryl pulling out his knife on a highway then you see a girl holding a baby in a car with walkers around it. My guess is daryl sees that and he goes over there to rescue her. Now if shes a woman with a baby I kind of vision her being alice? lilly? Even though kirkman said Dr stevens is combined with alice i really dont see dr stevens coming out of woodsbury shes not a "rebelious" looking type. Also if you know you should never trust what the creators tell or show you. Also the baby could be ricks baby and that could be a entirely new charecter near the end of the series. Also it could be a NEW baby and she could fill in for lori being shot running with the baby.

Okay so those are my thoughts.