• Axelforthewin

    A twist idea

    January 9, 2013 by Axelforthewin

    Okay i was thinking that for a good twist in the comic It would be very interesting to bring back a woodsbury survivor

    Okay so this is what i thought

    Saviour: Negan sir,

    Negan: Yeah, what.

    Saviour: We recently found a prison with a few survivors inside. There was two men and one girl we killed the man and took the girl since she was pretty

    Negan: Oh really now, Can i see her?

    Saviour: Sure think sir, shes in with your wives.

    (so negan walks in and there a girl in the corner looking down)

    Negan: Damn look at the tits on that one

    (unknown): Fuck you

    Negan: Well thats a dirty little mouth for a pretty looking thing like you

    (unknown): Your fucking lucky i dont have a weapon

    Negan: Oh really now? Look at me stop staring at the floor

    (she looks up)

    Negan: We…

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  • Axelforthewin

    Okay so i really like that movie quaritine 2, And i went looking for the cast looking for interveiws i really only found noree victoria because she liked dining at a place only a few hours drive from were i lived.

    So i found her she was pretty much freindly.

    So i asked her questions and what not and saying how i love the walking dead and zombies mutants etc

    This is wear it gets intertesting (ill post whole interveiw if you want)  Shes like ive been asked to play a role in the walking dead, She wouldent say what season or what charecter.

    I put a picture of Noree victoria up in the photos.

    Now look at her just give her a cap and big earings and shes rosita, Like literlly Id think shed fit the role perfectly

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  • Axelforthewin

    Okay if you This is about possible "events"  that will happen in the second half of the walking dead.

    Okay if you read the title your probably like okay i wanna see the death prediction.

    Well if the The walking dead 3x09 Promo #2 you can see at 00:21 Carol on the ground with who it appears to be axel or hershel (more likely axel dude to having no crutches in sight) Well yes they are lieing on the ground while woodsbury is shooting at them Then she see the (person) next to carol get shot. She was obviously like OMG NOOO wich led me to beleive it MIGHT be hershel. What do you think?

    Now,I have a bloody reliable source okay? so dont say Oh get lost you dont have chandler riggs on skype. Well as a matter of fact i DO. we play minecraft together a…

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