Hi everyone,

So I was editing the Video Game page when I saw that Episode 3: Long Road Ahead had a chapter titled "Woodbury Bound". Now, I don't know if this is accurate or not as I was not the one who uploaded it but let's say it is. That means our group may cross paths with...The Governor. This will probably be where Lily ends up leaving the group to join Woodbury. So, why do you think Lilly will leave? Do you think her father, Larry, will still be alive and with her? Do you think we will see other characters from the comics like Alice, Caesar Martinez, or The Governor? And do you think that Doug will survive to the end?

I'd love to hear all your thoughts and comments.

Personally, I'd love to see other characters from the comics since Shawn is dead, Hershel is most likely not going to be seen again, and Glenn is off to meet Rick in Atlanta. I especially want to see The Governor. It will be interesting to see him come alive. Kind of like a preview of him before we see him in Season 3. Let me know what you think.