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Axel TWD December 25, 2013 User blog:Axel TWD
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Voting has ended!

Hello everybody! Back in August, we brought you Wiki Awards for Season 3 of the TV series. Now, in order to celebrate the release of the Telltale's second season and usher in the new year, we're bringing you the official Walking Dead Wiki Awards for Season 1 of the Video Game!

Scroll through the following categories and vote for your favorite nominees. Voting will end on January 5th, 2014 and the winners will be announced shortly afterwards. It should be noted that these awards only apply to Season 1 of The Walking Dead Video Game by Telltale Games.

Special thanks goes to Corkeyandpals for helping me to create the awards. Leave your opinions, recommendations, and suggestions in the comment section below. Enjoy!

TWDVG Awards Poll 1

TWDVG Awards Poll 2

TWDVG Awards Poll 3

TWDVG Awards Poll 4

TWDVG Awards Poll 5

TWDVG Awards Poll 6

TWDVG Awards Poll 7

TWDVG Awards Poll 8

TWDVG Awards Poll 9

TWDVG Awards Poll 10

TWDVG Awards Poll 11

TWDVG Awards Poll 12

TWDVG Awards Poll 13

TWDVG Awards Poll 14

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