Well it's been a hell of a long time since i made one of these but here goes.

So basically I was looking through the achievements for episode 3 and I noticed how much Regi, that one armed guy, looked a lot like the guy on the 'Long way down' achievement. I haven't seen any other blogs about this but i'm sure many people have noticed this as well. The character is wearing the same clothes as Regi, and they look the same facual wise, so I guess he dead? 

It does confuse me, though, why Regi got that playing dead promotion if he's gonna die right at the beginning (the achiement comes 2nd and if any of you have played ep. 3 of The wolf among us, then the

IHWA Long Way Down

Regi dead?


Regi the new Zach?

 first achievement may be quick). I know that on the tv show the promoted Zach and Patrick, but that was a different company. 

Anyway, just felt like saying. Maybe it's Regi that murders someone. Who knows. Hopefully the trailer will be out soon. Not sure if this blog is too short?