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  • Axel-4-the-win

    Well it's been a hell of a long time since i made one of these but here goes.

    So basically I was looking through the achievements for episode 3 and I noticed how much Regi, that one armed guy, looked a lot like the guy on the 'Long way down' achievement. I haven't seen any other blogs about this but i'm sure many people have noticed this as well. The character is wearing the same clothes as Regi, and they look the same facual wise, so I guess he dead? 

    It does confuse me, though, why Regi got that playing dead promotion if he's gonna die right at the beginning (the achiement comes 2nd and if any of you have played ep. 3 of The wolf among us, then the  first achievement may be quick). I know that on the tv show the promoted Zach and Patrick, …

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  • Axel-4-the-win

    This one has two predictions but one is more plausible than the other

    1) The body on the road that Russel is walking down looks alot like Carleys (the body appeares to be wearing a hoody). Also the road itself looks the same.

    2) Could the corn field that Bonnie is running through be the St Johns dairy's. Though it could just be any corn field, it may show what happened to the bandits or any of the St Johns you kept alive.

    Both of these can be backed by the fact that telltale did say that echoes of what you did in season 1 will be shown in the dlc

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  • Axel-4-the-win

    This prediction is a little less plausible than my other one but here it is anyway.

    I believe that the bald man holding the gun in the trailer for 400 days, is actualy Vernon. This is because first, why would Vernon leave his group for no reason. Second, i looked at the man and he does look alot like a shaved Vernon (he has small hairs around the same area as Vernon).

    This could be wrong but i still felt like posting it.

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  • Axel-4-the-win

    Okay, i believe that Vince is going to kill Lee's brother. I do have facts to back this up, so here goes:

    1) Vince in the trailer is seen pointing a gun at someone (could be Lee's brother or parents)

    2) There is a picture that shows Vince running away from Lee's families drug store and the zombie of Lee's brother isnt there and being crushed

    3) Vince had been arrested for murder so he is capible of killing a person

    4) Vince is wearing the same top as he runs away from the pharacy, as he is when he is pointing the gun at someone.

    5) His story is first so he would have had enough time to kill Lee's brother/family before Lillys group got there.

    This is just a theory so it could just be a load of rubbish.

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  • Axel-4-the-win

    Morgan return?

    December 16, 2012 by Axel-4-the-win

    Spoiler Warning

    Morgan is supposed to return in the next half of s3.

    So i believe that he will return in either 'Suicide king' or 'home' because Daryl or someone may call Rick a Suicide king to go for him or because Rick goes home

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