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  • Archie0013

    His name was Shupert, as I remembered, in his article page. Later on, it was changed to Shumpert. His link adrees was "" . See, it's Shupert placed there. There are also other articles in which "Shumpert" is still named as "Shupert". Example, he is still named as Shupert in Ceasar Martinez's article under the relationship section. Kindly fix this. It's quite confusing

    There is also a blank article Shumpert in this wiki.

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  • Archie0013

    Do you remember the scene in S3Ep2 "sick" where carol is disecting a female walker? Someone was watching her. It's kinda important and significant to be forgotten. That scene might have meaning. It's almost season 3's finale and that part is never explored. For me, that should be explained. Why would they add that scene if that doesn't mean anything at all?

    This scene also has a counterpart in the comic series. Two woodbury soldiers were spying while andrea and some other group members were practice killing some walkers around the prison's perimeter. Those woodbury soldiers were the one who told the Governor where the prison lies.

    I don't think that a woodbury soldier was watching Carol. If it is, they would have told the Governor about it s…

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  • Archie0013

    "Glen Mazzara has stated that there is a chance of seeing Morales  and his family again." That is according to the trivia section of Morales. When do you think will we see Morales and his family again? Who do you think are still alive in his family?

    I have two guesses. First, they might show up at the ending of season 3's final episode. Rick might find them in the way while leaving the prison. Or maybe the morales family will get to the prison (if Rick and his group survived the atack). Second, maybe they were with Abraham Ford. 

    I also guess that only two of the family are left (Morales and one of his kid, probably the boy one).

    What do you think?

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