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    Hello, its me once again....... anybody have any infor about the new season of the walking dead video game, its kinda bothering me that no one has found anything substantial about it. Maybe its just that they have been really tight with any pictures or anything, or maybe no one has been paying close attention to it.

    I mean people have found some pretty good spoilers by just looking at a leaked image like when a person predicted T dogs death.... so again, anybody found anything. Another topic I want to hit is the new terminal reality game about merle and daryl, looks amazing but, no one get mad at me here, but what if we are getting fed by a bunch of lies just like what happened with warZ.

    Also does anyone think that Lily from the…

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    There are no rumors so far of this happening

    If you are confused by the title im saying there might be a character in the walking dead video game from either the comics or the tv show if there is an appearance it would be pretty cool to me.

    If a non original character had an appearance who do you think it would be. I think it would be cool to have Merle when he escaped the the walkers in season one

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    First off do not read this if you havent played episode 3 of the walking dead video game.

    So if youve played you know this is one off the most briliiant episode so far and it was crazy. Say what you want but when Carley/Doug died your eyes widened more than lee's when he gets suprised. The best thing is the twist were tolerable unlike some m. night shamalamadingdong (i forgot his name) twists. And the game still came with something pushing you to want to play the next episode. So my questions are to you Who is the voice on clems radio. Are clems parents alive, and did you enjoy the new episode

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