Hey guys im Apollo08 with a blog on how I think the hunters should have been used throughout season 4. Please note that I am in no way dying to see these antagonists and have not been predicting their introduction since we lost the prison, Im just stating how I thought they should have been included thus far.

Anyways starting with 30 Day Without An Accident. The character of Clara comes across Rick the same was as the episode played out, giving her desprate plea for food and help. Rick reveals he has a camp nearby, only spilling to Clara that it was the prison, and would let her join if she answered three questions. Clara speaks of Eddie and asks Rick to help her carry the hog back to Eddie. They talk as the epsiode normally went, only when they arrive at Clara's camp, it's a suburban home. As they slowly approach the house, Rick notices someone eerie watching them from the window. Rick begins to question what is going on and observes his surroundings. Then Clara begins yelling "Eddie! Eddie! We've got food" (At the time implying the food is Rick and not the hog). Rick in a panic state, grabs his gun as he notices three more men begin to approach from the backyard. They seeming and slowly begin to close in on him. Realizing he's heavily outnumbered, Rick fires his gun and flees back to the prison. Not telling anyone about the situation to keep from frightening them.

Isolation. In isolation, everything plays out the same except for when Carl and Hershel go outside the prison. Hershel made a comment saying "it's safer out there anyways" or something along those lines. As they begin to prowl through the woods, Carl hears a braking on limbs and turns quickly, not revealing anything. It happens twice, only farther away, but Carl doesnt approach it. Then two men can be seen hiding not far behind Carl and Hershel as they begin to head back to the prison. Aiming from a camera view as if Carl and Hershel were being stalked.

Too Far Gone. After the prison collapses and becomes destroyed, four men and Clara can be seen watching from the woods as several of the groups disperse, as if they are choosing their target. They turn and leave, leaving it anonymous as to who they are targeting.

Still. In still everything plays out the same, only Beth goes in the woods towards the beginning of the episode when she states she's "going to get a drink" only to notice a small group of people (including Clara) in the distance sitting along side a temporary camp similar to the one Beth and Daryl were staying at. Beth in shock just begins to stare and then calls out for them, but when walkers begin to close in between her and them, she panics and hides. After they pass she turns to approach them, only to find them gone. So she goes back to Daryl. From there all happens the same until they are burning down the cabin. As they are giving the finger to the cabin engulfed in flames, the camera pans down to where the walkers normally were, only to reveal that familiar group stalking them from behind the flames.

Anyways thats as far as ive gotten with my version, tell me what you think or how you would have brought them in this season. Sorry for the length, Thanks.