Hey guys I thought i'd make a blog on how I think Glenn's story is going to be handled in season 4B. I know there have been recent discussion about the blogs and what should be in the forums so if this needs to be deleted or moved I completely understand.

Anyways, I think when we left off Glenn had almost no idea what was going on within the attack, I cannot remember if anyone even metioned to him that it was The Governor leading the assault. He was rushed onto a  bus and it drove away with many redshirts on it. Leaving Glenn open to very many questions. His lover and his home were in danger and he doesnt even know their fate. So what would you do if you were Glenn? Go back to find the answer to your questions. And that is why I am 99% sure it's Glenn we see in the riot armor. 

Judging by the trailer it looks like the person in the riot armor has dark haird and theres a clip where the riot armor person emerges from the swarm of prison walkers and at a good glance it looks just like Glenn. 

Many people think the bus will be attacked and Glenn will be left standing, which is possible, but my theory would be that Glenn chooses to leave the bus in search of not only Maggie, but everyone else he loved and the results of the prison. When he ends up at the prison I would assume he would rush to find anyone alive without getting bit (Using his comic/season 1 trait of swiftness or "runner"). He would stumble upon some riot armor and continue his search, running into Tara who is in search of Lilly possibly (I also think Lilly will get bit or will become lost). I cant see Glenn or Tara being hostile towards eachother because they are both in panic mode and need all the help they can get. The two pair up as Glenn asks what happened and they escape. Now Glenn would either return to the bus' location where he left it and it'd be gone or he would choose to not return to the bus and instead search for the rest of the group. Taking care of the rest of the redshirts' fate. 

Anyways thats my speculation, and again if theres a problem with it being a blog, just comment or remove it, no harm done. Thanks.