Hey guys, Im Apollo08, a newbie around here, but I've decided to create my first blog. I dont always use the best grammar but I respect criticism so feel free to help me out without destroying the topic, Thanks.

Anyways, I think I've found a beautiful way for Daryl to make the comic book fans happy.

Here's my solution(If I Directed TWD): Okay so what if Daryl and Beth never end up finding the rest of the survivors after the mid-season finale. Daryl and Beth go off and eventually Beth gets bitten by a walker. And Boom! we never see Daryl again. Haha just joking, but we dont see him for the remainder of season 4. 

(In Season 5.2 or 6)

Rick and his group run into Negan and the saviors. The arc begins and everything plays out somewhat like the comics, and Carl goes to kill Negan. He gets a tour of the place and at the very end of the episode Carl spots Daryl with half of his face burnt. Daryl recognizes Carl and secretly helps Rick win the war(like Dwight is doing as of now).   (If this ever happens in the TV)   Another way of introducing him as the Dwight counterpart would be him killing Abraham while Eugene is with him, since he wouldnt recognize them. 

Why this most likely wont happen

Daryl is AMC's cashcow and a whole season without him would break their little hearts.

But anyways, Daryl = Future Dwight? Let me know your thoughts. Am I crazy or is this a good Idea? Thanks!
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