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  • Apollo08

    Hey guys im Apollo08 with a blog on how I think the hunters should have been used throughout season 4. Please note that I am in no way dying to see these antagonists and have not been predicting their introduction since we lost the prison, Im just stating how I thought they should have been included thus far.

    Anyways starting with 30 Day Without An Accident. The character of Clara comes across Rick the same was as the episode played out, giving her desprate plea for food and help. Rick reveals he has a camp nearby, only spilling to Clara that it was the prison, and would let her join if she answered three questions. Clara speaks of Eddie and asks Rick to help her carry the hog back to Eddie. They talk as the epsiode normally went, only when …

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  • Apollo08

    Glenn and Redshirt cleanup

    January 30, 2014 by Apollo08

    Hey guys I thought i'd make a blog on how I think Glenn's story is going to be handled in season 4B. I know there have been recent discussion about the blogs and what should be in the forums so if this needs to be deleted or moved I completely understand.

    Anyways, I think when we left off Glenn had almost no idea what was going on within the attack, I cannot remember if anyone even metioned to him that it was The Governor leading the assault. He was rushed onto a  bus and it drove away with many redshirts on it. Leaving Glenn open to very many questions. His lover and his home were in danger and he doesnt even know their fate. So what would you do if you were Glenn? Go back to find the answer to your questions. And that is why I am 99% sure…

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  • Apollo08

    A Big Plot Twist

    December 12, 2013 by Apollo08

    Hey guys, Im Apollo08, a newbie around here, but I've decided to create my first blog. I dont always use the best grammar but I respect criticism so feel free to help me out without destroying the topic, Thanks.

    Anyways, I think I've found a beautiful way for Daryl to make the comic book fans happy.

    Here's my solution(If I Directed TWD): Okay so what if Daryl and Beth never end up finding the rest of the survivors after the mid-season finale. Daryl and Beth go off and eventually Beth gets bitten by a walker. And Boom! we never see Daryl again. Haha just joking, but we dont see him for the remainder of season 4. 

    (In Season 5.2 or 6)

    Rick and his group run into Negan and the saviors. The arc begins and everything plays out somewhat like the com…

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