Hello fellow Walkers, my name is Anthony and this blog post is how I feel the Walking Dead should be. Keep in mind; this is my very first blog post and I it might sound ridiculous, but this post is 100% serious, Let's begin.

As you probably know, Rick Grimes lost his right hand to the Governer back in issue 28. In my humble opinion I believe that Rick should have lost both hands. He lost the right to the Governer and should have lost the left to a vicious piranha attack in isssue 107. Although it is not expressed that he lost his hand when the attack occured in the issue, i believe he did, and he is currently using a cybernetic robot hand for his left at the moment. "Who built this hand Rick is using at the moment?" you ask, well the person who built it is none other than the Governer himself! The Governer actually wanted Rick to become a robot so that he could control Rick and have him do his dirty work for him. Sadly, the Governer's life was cut short by Lily, not allowing him to completely convert Rick. I know the sounds ridiculous and you might think I am dumb, but please; hear me out.

Now that brings me to my next topic, Carl. He lost his right eye, as we all know. But in issue 107 (when Rick was attacked by piranha) Carl sacrificed his left eye by removing it and throwing it into to the water trying to distract Rick's attackers. But unfortunately for Carl, these were genius piranha, and they didn't fall for his trick. All in all Rick lost his left hand to the piranhi, but then he quickly remebered that he had a back-up left hand ready to go in the car . Thanks to Ricks quick thinking his cybernetic robot hand was able to be attached easily.

                                                             Rick after perana attack: 

That's it for this blog, all feedback is appreciated and welcomed! Thanks for reading.