Hi guys! Antho1232 here, I'm going to talk about the fate of the characters and a bit on what I think will happen in Amid the Ruins, episode 4 in Season 2 of TellTale's Walking Dead Video Game.

First I want to talk about this being a blog or a forum. I do not know if this blog will be over 300 words or not. But to be honest I have no idea on how to even make a forum. So in the comments somebody can tell me how to create a forum. Sorry I'm such a noob.

Second is that I've heard that some guy on YouTube got to play Amid the Ruins early, and people are posting spoilers on the internet. I'm just going to say that I have not seen his video or seen any spoilers regarding Amid the Ruins. I have only seen the Trailer and the Next Time... So all of this is my own opinon/theory. Now let's get down to buisness.

Clementine: Will obviously survive, if Clementine ever dies I think that TellTale would get heavy backlash from the fans, because Clementine is the bomb.

Kenny: A lot of people think that he will die this episode. I don't think he will die this episode UNLESS There is a Luke vs. Kenny choice at the end of the episode. If that choice doesn't happen then Kenny will for sure live onto Episode 5.

Luke: Luke is the same thing as Kenny. Luke will live for sure UNLESS there is that Luke vs. Keny choice thing.

Rebecca: Is going to die while giving childbirth. This one is kind of obvious. I think that you will have the choice to kill Rebecca or let her turn after she gives childbirth and is dying. That would be a tough choice but I think it would be cool if they had that choice.

Nick: I REALLY DON'T WANT NICK TO DIE THIS EPISODE! I want him to have more storyline and interaction with Luke maybe, but he is really un-main now and probrably will die. But I don't want him to die.... yet.

Bonnie: Is for sure going to live. I hate her still for siding with Carver, but TellTale wouldn't kill her after trying so hard to make us like her. Lot's of people like her now, but I don't. Okay that's that.

Jane: Is for sure going to live as well. I think that she will try to convince Clementine to abandon the group if things go south. Jane is the person who will ditch the rest of the group if things get hairy in my opinion.

Mike: Mike will die. He will die protecting Rebecca and the baby. In the trailer he is pushing walkers back. That is how he will die, fighting off zombies and protecting the group. Mike is basically the Season 2 version of Chuck from Season 1. Both characters are likeable. Both will die protecting the group. Both are introduced about half-way in Episode 3 and die in episode 4.

Sarita: Will die at the beginning of the episode. I think weather you cut off her hand of not she will die, from blood-loss or the bite.

Sarah: She won't return until Episode 5. She will be crazy. But she will not be present at all this episode.

-I think that that is all of the characters.

Overall I think that Amid the Ruins will be a pretty quiet episode. Without too much action, mostly full of character Development... until the end. Where Rebecca gives birth to her baby and all hell breaks loose. I think that Sarita will die at the beginning of the episode. There will be no more deaths in the middle of the episode until the end where it is a blood-bath. Nick and Mike I think will die protecting Rebecca, and maybe another death that might be more major than Mike and NIck.

That is my opinon on the episode. The Character Fate's and a little on what I think will happen in Amid the Ruins. Thank you so much for Reading! ILY4LYIFE bye