Hey Guys! It's Antho1232 here to talk about what I think will happen on the last two episode of Telltales The Walking Dead Season 2 Video Game.

Episode 4: I don't have too much in depth on what I think will happen this episode. But I hope (most likely won't happen) that Christa will be at the Civil War Mermorial. I think the group will reunite with Sarah at the civil war mermorial (obviously traumatized and scared) I belive that Sarita will be determinant depending on weather you cut off her hand or not at the end of In Harm's Way. Rebecca will die during child birth this episode and Mike will die protecting her. Nick will live to see episode 5 (against what most people say). The reason why I think Nick will live to episode 5 is that in In Harm's Way, 4 important people died (Reggie, Alvin, Carlos, and [of course] Carver). And that, just like season 1, after episode 3 where most of the main group died and then in season 1 episode 4 hardly anybody main died (Only Ben being determinent, and Chuck I guess). So just like Season 2 episode 3 when alot of people died, episode 4 should not have too many deaths. So if my theory is correct after Episode 4 only Clementine, Kenny, Luke, Jane, Bonnie, Nick, Sarah,and Sarita (determinent)(And Rebecca's Baby) will live.

Episode 5: In this episode I have a pretty set theory, however, the only main dent is if the 400 Days characters show up. Intending that the 400 Day Characters are not in this episode or last episode this is what I belive will happen. The group is trying to avoid the giant herd of walkers from In Harm's Way. However, they get caught in the middle of it and Nick and/or Sarita will bite the dust (just to tie up lose ends). Clementine, Kenny, Luke, Jane, Sarah, and Bonnie (and Rebecca's baby) are fighting the herd, (they unsucessfully try to hastely cover themselves in walker guts and blood for camoflauge) and Bonnie either gets eaten alive or is seperated from the group. Jane books it out of their to save herself. HERE IS THE MAIN PART OF MY THEORY Sarah, holding the baby, clings to Clementine as Clementine watches Kenny and Luke are getting attacked. And then an all too farmilliar feeling comes across the player as they must choose to either save Luke or Kenny. You make your choice and Clementine, Sarah, and Luke/Kenny (and the baby) run away together from the herd. END OF SEASON 2.

Season 3 info: I belive that Jane will return in Season 3 in one way or another. Just like Christa and Omid from Season 1 to Season 2.

Okay please tell me what you think about my theory. Thank-youuuuuuu. bye bye