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  • Antho1232

    Okay it's Antho1232, I'm going to do my death predictions for the first half of season 5, of the Walking Dead TV show.


    Rick: Obviously won't die, cause duh.

    Carl: Obviously won't die, cause duh.

    Judith: I believe that Judith will die in the mid season finale, possibly at the hands of Gareth and his crew, or beth's new crew.

    Maggie: Will obviously live, cause duh.

    Michonne: Obviously won't die, cause duh.

    Tyresee: Will live for sure, he has potential left, I could see him dying in the second half of season 5 though.

    Sasha: She will be the one in the group to, sadly, fall victim to the caniblals. I believe that since Gareth and his group are now almost completely erraticated, they will be more like the Hunters in the comics, being secrat…

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  • Antho1232

    Hi guys! Antho1232 here, I'm going to talk about the fate of the characters and a bit on what I think will happen in Amid the Ruins, episode 4 in Season 2 of TellTale's Walking Dead Video Game.

    First I want to talk about this being a blog or a forum. I do not know if this blog will be over 300 words or not. But to be honest I have no idea on how to even make a forum. So in the comments somebody can tell me how to create a forum. Sorry I'm such a noob.

    Second is that I've heard that some guy on YouTube got to play Amid the Ruins early, and people are posting spoilers on the internet. I'm just going to say that I have not seen his video or seen any spoilers regarding Amid the Ruins. I have only seen the Trailer and the Next Time... So all of t…

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  • Antho1232

    Hey Guys! It's Antho1232 here to talk about what I think will happen on the last two episode of Telltales The Walking Dead Season 2 Video Game.

    Episode 4: I don't have too much in depth on what I think will happen this episode. But I hope (most likely won't happen) that Christa will be at the Civil War Mermorial. I think the group will reunite with Sarah at the civil war mermorial (obviously traumatized and scared) I belive that Sarita will be determinant depending on weather you cut off her hand or not at the end of In Harm's Way. Rebecca will die during child birth this episode and Mike will die protecting her. Nick will live to see episode 5 (against what most people say). The reason why I think Nick will live to episode 5 is that in In …

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  • Antho1232


    Yo, check that link out, maybe Beth isn't dead yet. hmm

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  • Antho1232

    Hi, it's Anthony here. I hate making long blogs so I usually make very very short blogs like this one. Here are some things I would like to see and am expecting to see before All Out War Ends.

    –Neagen do another ennie meanie miney moe on someone with Lucile.

    –A lot of deaths! (lots of major deaths too)

    –An intro to the girl on the cover of 127.

    That is all. Have a very nice day. And remember share a smile and do a nice favor for somebody. Okay bye.

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