This is a google map which shows the location of every major (and many minor) events in the series, based on a google map done by a fan (which is up to date)

Map key MAP KEY
MarkerA Character's first appearance
MarkerB Horse
MarkerC Camp site
MarkerD Dream
MarkerE Event
MarkerF Cremation
MarkerG Police
MarkerH House
MarkerJ Vehicle
MarkerL Location
MarkerM Murder by a living person
MarkerN Military base
MarkerP Store
MarkerR Medical location
MarkerS Sex scene
MarkerT Vehicle
MarkerU Cannibalism
MarkerV Violent event
MarkerW Apartment or church
MarkerX Helicopter crash site
MarkerY Dead Lori phone call
MarkerZ Attack by undead or sighting
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Icon Event Image Issue Description
MarkerV Rick Grimes Shot Rickshot
Issue 1
Rick Grimes' first appearance. He is shot by an escaped convict.

MarkerR Harrison Memorial Hospital Rick hospital001
Issue 1
Rick Grimes awakens in Harrison Memorial Hospital. He has been in a coma for one month.

MarkerZ Cafeteria Zombies Cafe002
Issue 1
Rick Grimes encounters zombies for the first time in the hospital cafeteria MAP NOT WORKING.

MarkerZ Undead Bicyclist Deadbiker
Issue 1
Rick Grimes encounters an undead bicyclist on the side of the road. He shoots it in the head when he leaves town for Atlanta.

MarkerH Rick Grimes's House Rickshouse
Issue 1
Rick Grimes, Lori Grimes and Carl Grimes's home in Cynthiana, Kentucky.

MarkerH Jones House Morganhouse
Issue 1
The First Appearance of Morgan Jones and Duane Jones. They take refuge in Rick Grimes's next door neighbor's home. They live here until Issue 58

MarkerG Cynthiana, Kentucky Police Department Policestation
Issue 1
Rick Grimes, Morgan Jones and Duane Jones get guns and ammo. Rick Grimes gets a police uniform and takes a police cruiser.

MarkerJ Out Of Gas Outofgas
Issue 2
Rick Grimes's Police cruiser runs out of gas just over the boarder of Tennessee.

MarkerH Dead Farm House Farm2
Issue 2
Rick Grimes searches a farm house and finds a family that committed suicide.

MarkerB Rick Grimes Finds A Horse Horse
Issue 2
Rick Grimes finds a horse in a barn and rides it to Atlanta, GA.

MarkerZ Horse Attacked Horseattack
Issue 2
Rick Grimes is attacked by a horde of undead in downtown Atlanta. He barely escapes alive.

MarkerA Rick Grimes Meets Glenn RickmeetsGlenn
Issue 2
Rick Grimes is saved by Glenn. Using the roof tops to avoid hordes of undead, Glenn takes Rick Grimes to the Atlanta camp.

MarkerC Atlanta Survivor Camp Atlantacamp
Issue 2
Atlanta Survivors Camp. Refugees Shane Walsh, Lori Grimes, Carl Grimes, Dale, Andrea, Amy, Glenn, Allen, Donna, Ben, Billy, Carol, Sophia and Jim are all living here.

MarkerZ Zombie Eating Deer Zombiedeer
Issue 3
Rick Grimes and Shane Walsh encounter a zombie eating a deer while hunting.

MarkerZ Zombie River Attack River003
Issue 3
Donna is attacked at the river by a zombie. Dale destroys it with an axe.

MarkerE Zombie Camouflage Deadcamofloge004
Issue 4
Rick Grimes and Glenn use zombie body parts to camouflage their scent from the undead.

MarkerP Gun Shop GunShop
Issue 4
Gun shop where Rick Grimes and Glenn resupply guns and ammo.

MarkerZ Zombies In The Rain Rain004
Issue 4
Rain begins to fall on Rick Grimes and Glenn coming back from the Gun Shop. The rain washes away their "Zombie Camouflage". They barely escape alive.

MarkerZ Atlanta Camp Attack CampAttack
Issue 5
The camp is attack at night by a group of roaming zombies. Amy is fatality bitten and Andrea euthanizes her. Jim is also bitten on the arm.

MarkerL Amy's Grave Amygrave
Issue 6
Amy Buried here.

MarkerE Jim Left Behind Jimleft
Issue 6
An infected Jim decides to be left to "turn" so he can be reunited with his dead family.

MarkerM Carl Grimes Shoots Shane Walsh ShaneShot
Issue 6
During a violent argument with Rick Grimes about Lori Grimes. Carl Grimes shoots Shane Walsh in the neck killing him to save his father.

MarkerS Lori Grimes and Shane Walsh Have Sex LoriShaneAffair
Issue 7
Lori Grimes has sex with Shane Walsh on the outskirts of Atlanta. Judith Grimes may have been conceived here.

MarkerL Shanes Grave RickshootsZombieShane15
Issue 7
Rick Grimes returns to grave site and shoots zombie Shane Walsh in the head. He does not rebury the body.

MarkerA Tyreese First Appearance Tyressemeeting012
Issue 7
Rick Grimes's group encounters Tyreese, his daughter Julie and her boyfriend Chris in a snow storm. They join Rick Grimes's group.

MarkerC Lori Grimes Pregnant Loripregant007
Issue 7
Lori Grimes tells Rick Grimes she's pregnant.

MarkerZ Frozen Zombie Frozenzombie007
Issue 8
While siphoning off gas from cars, Dale encounters a frozen zombie that is still active.

MarkerL Wiltshire Estates WiltshireEstates
Issue 8
A gated community of homes. The group is forced to leave when it's over run by unfrozen zombie horde.

MarkerZ Zombies Under The Stairs Rickattacked008
Issue 8
While searching a house at the Wiltshire Estates, Rick Grimes is attacked by 2 zombies. Tyreese helps him destroy them.

MarkerS Dale and Andrea Have Sex AndreaDalesex008
Issue 8
During the night Donna catches Dale and Andrea making love.

MarkerZ Donna Attacked Donnaattacked002
Issue 9
The warm morning activates the frozen undead horde. Donna is caught off guard and eaten alive.

MarkerV Carl Grimes Shot Carlshot003
Issue 9
While hunting for food with Rick Grimes and Tyreese, Carl Grimes is shot in shoulder by Otis.

MarkerH Hershel's Farm Hershalsfarm004
Issue 10
Hershel's Farm. Home to Hershel Greene, Maggie Greene, Billy Greene, Otis, Patricia, Lacey Greene, Arnold Greene, Rachel Greene and Susie Greene.

MarkerZ Barn Attack Barnattack005
Issue 11
Hershel Greene's Barn. The place where he keeps the "Dead Ones". Hershel Greene hopes to turn them back one day. The undead inside break loose killing Hershel Greene's son, Arnold Greene and his daughter, Lacey Greene.

MarkerS Maggie Greene and Glenn Have Sex MaggieGlennsex011
Issue 12
Maggie Greene and Glenn are caught having sex by her father Hershel Greene.

MarkerL West Central Prison Prison006
Issue 12
Rick Grimes 's survivors find a state prison. They make it their home from Issue 12 to Issue 48

MarkerL Prison Cafeteria Cafe013
Issue 13
West Central Prison Cafeteria. prisoners: Dexter, Andrew, Axel and Thomas Richards found alive here.

MarkerM Suicide Pack Suicide Pack014
Issue 14
Julie and Chris hold a suicide pack. Chris shoots Julie before she can fire her gun. Rick Grimes and Tyreese discover them and Tyreese kills Chris with his bare hands.

MarkerE Rick Grimes Leaves for Atlanta Camp Motorcycle015
Issue 15
Rick Grimes leaves the prison on a motorcycle for the Atlanta camp. The trip only takes a full day.

MarkerM Thomas Richards Kills Rachalsusizebeheaded15
Issue 15
Thomas Richards beheads Rachel Greene and Susie Greene in the prison barber shop.

MarkerZ Tyreese Gym Battle Tyreesegym016
Issue 16
Tyreese wipes out infested gym all by himself. He's found by Rick Grimes alive.

MarkerV Thomas Richards Attacks Andrea Thomasserialkillerrev016
Issue 17
Thomas Richards attacks Andrea. She manages to get away with only a cut to her face.

MarkerS Tyreese and Carol Have Sex CarolTyreesesex017
Issue 17
Tyreese and Carol have sex on the prison gym floor.

MarkerV Rick Grimes Beats Thomas Richards RickVsThomas017
Issue 17
Rick Grimes beats Thomas Richards unconscious after learning he was the one that killed Hershel Greene's daughters Rachel Greene and Susie Greene. Rick Grimes's right hand is badly damaged.

MarkerM Thomas Richards Killed ThomasshotbyMaggie018
Issue 18
Thomas Richards is shot dead by Maggie Greene for killing her younger sisters.

MarkerA Michonne's First Appearance Michonneappears19
Issue 19
Michonne spots Otis heading to the prison. She follows him.

MarkerM Dexter Killed DextershotbyRick019
Issue 19
Rick Grimes shoots Dexter in the head during a zombie attack on the prison.

MarkerZ Allen Bitten AllenbittenbyZombie020
Issue 20
Allen is bitten by a roamer. Rick Grimes cuts off Allens leg to stop the infection, but he dies from the procedure.

MarkerL Prison Generator Prisongenarator020
Issue 20
The power generator for the prison is discovered by Tyreese and Dale.

MarkerS Tyreese Gets Blowjob Oralsex022
Issue 21
Michonne gives Tyreese a blowjob in the gym. Carol witness it and becomes jealous.

MarkerV Carol Attempts Suicide Caroletemptedsuicide020
Issue 22
Depressed about losing Tyreese. Carol attempts suicide by silting her wrists. The attempt fails.

MarkerL Hershel Greene's Garden Farm022
Issue 22
Hershel Greene starts a garden and grows food for the group.

MarkerV Rick Grimes vs. Tyreese Tyressevsrick023
Issue 23
The tension between Rick Grimes and Tyreese explodes into a fight in the prison cells.

MarkerL Riot Gear Room Roitgerer025
Issue 25
prison Riot Gear room found by Glenn and Maggie Greene.

MarkerE Helicopter Spotted Helicopter025025
Issue 25
While Rick Grimes and Glenn siphon gas from cars in the prison parking lot, they spot a helicopter crashing in the distance.

MarkerJ Abandon The Car Carleft026
Issue 26
Rick Grimes, Michonne and Glenn drive a car out to the helicopter crash site. The vehicle gets mired in the mud. They continue on foot.

MarkerX Helicopter Crash Site Helicoptorcrash026
Issue 26
Helicopter crash site. Rick Grimes, Michonne and Glenn investigate but find no passengers. They follow a trail of foot prints to the town of Woodbury.

MarkerL Town Of Woodbury Woodbury027
Issue 27
The town of Woodbury. The Governor and his people make the town secured from zombie attacks.

MarkerA The Governor's First Appearance Governor028
Issue 27
Philip, The self proclaimed "Governor" of Woodbury. Feeds the zombies in his Battle Arena "strangers".

MarkerL Woodbury Battle Arena Woodburyarena027
Issue 27
For entertainment, the people of Woodbury watch fights between living and undead opponents.

MarkerV Rick Grimes's Hand Chopped Off Rickhandcutoff028
Issue 28
Rick Grimes gets his right hand chopped off by The Governor.

MarkerR Woodbury Hospital Woodburyhospital028
Issue 28
The Woodbury Hospital. Dr. Stevens and Alice heal Rick Grimes's wound here.

MarkerE Glenn Held Captive Glennheldcaptive028
Issue 28
Glenn is held captive by The Governor.

MarkerV Michonne In The Arena Michonnefightsinarena028
Issue 28
Michonne is forced to battle Eugene and zombies in the Woodbury Battle Arena. She dispatches of them all with her katana.

MarkerL Governor's Apartment Govenorshome029
Issue 29
The Governor's Apartment. It has a wall of fish tanks with active zombie heads inside. Keeps his undead "daughter" chained to wall.

MarkerV Michonne Raped Michonneraped029
Issue 29
Michonne is beaten and raped by The Governor in a warehouse.

MarkerE Tyreese To The Rescue Tyreesesearchs030
Issue 30
Tyreese goes looking for Rick Grimes, Michonne and Glenn in riot gear. He barley makes it back to the prison.

MarkerZ Dr. Stevens Attacked Docstevenskiled031
Issue 32
While escaping form Woodbury Dr. Stevens is killed by a lurker zombie.

MarkerV Michonne's Revenge Governormutlated033
Issue 33
Michonne tortures and mutilates The Governor in his own apartment. He is found by his men before she can kill him.

MarkerE Rick Grimes Returns Rickreturns034
Issue 34
Rick Grimes, Michonne, Glenn, Alice and Caesar Martinez return from Woodbury to find the prison over run by zombies

MarkerZ Otis Attacked Otis attacked035
Issue 35
Otis is killed by zombie break in at the prison.

MarkerM Caesar Martinez Killed Rickkillsmarteinz049
Issue 36
Rick Grimes runs over Ceasar Martinez as he tries to get back to Woodbury to tell The Governor the location of the prison. Rick Grimes then strangles him to death.

MarkerE Maggie Greene and Glenn Get Married MaggieGlenngetmarri037
Issue 37
Maggie Greene and Glenn are married in the prison cafeteria. Hershel Greene officiates the ceremony.

MarkerN National Guard Station NGbase038
Issue 38
National guard station near Woodbury. Michonne, Axel, Andrea, Tyreese, Maggie Greene and Glenn find mostly hand grenades.

MarkerT Glenn Finds A Truck Truck038
Issue 38
At the base, Glenn finds an army flatbed truck. They use it to take supplies back to the prison.

MarkerV Blowing Up The Base Blowup038
Issue 38
After taking what they can, the group blows up the National Guard Base.

MarkerP Wal-Mart Super Store Wallmart038
Issue 38
Wal-Mart shopping center where Michonne, Tyreese, Axel, Maggie Greene and Glenn grab supplies.

MarkerV Wal-Mart Attack Wal-martattack039
Issue 38
A Woodbury patrol finds Glenn, Tyreese,Axel, Michonne and Maggie Greene at the Wal-Mart shopping center. Glenn is shot, but survives. Andrea & Michonne kill the patrol.

MarkerR Judith Grimes Is Born Judithborn039
Issue 39
Lori Grimes gives birth to a baby girl in the prison hospital. They give her the name Judith Grimes.

MarkerZ Dale Bitten On Leg Dalebitten039
Issue 39
Dale is bitten on his ankle by a roamer in the prison parking lot. The leg is properly amputated and Dale lives.

MarkerS Carol and Billy Have Sex CarolBillyhavesex041
Issue 41
Carol seduces Billy before killing herself.

MarkerZ Carol Bitten Carolbitten041
Issue 41
Carol commits suicide by have a chained zombie bite out her throat in the prison yard.

MarkerL Carol and Allen Grave Site CarolAllengravesite042
Issue 42
Allen and Carol buried here.

MarkerE The Governor Hospitalized Governorheals043
Issue 43
The Governor recuperates for almost a week. He's treated by Bob an ex-army medic.

MarkerE Prison Reconnaissance Reconprison043
Issue 43
Gabe and his men find the location of West Central Prison.

MarkerE Woodbury Army Woodburyarmy043
Issue 43
The Governor builds an army to assault the prison.

MarkerV Woodbury Attack Woodburyattack
Issue 44
The Governor attacks the prison with a small army of men, trucks and a tank. Many die in the attempt. The battle last from Issue 44 to Issue 49

MarkerV Andrea Hit Andreahit048
Issue 44
During opening minutes of the Woodbury attack. Andrea gets grazed in the head up on the guard tower. She manages to kill 5 more Woodburyians before passing out. She is taken to the prison to heal.

MarkerV Rick Grimes Shot Rickshot44044
Issue 44
Rick Grimes gets hit in stomach by gun fire during the first round of attacks by the Woodbury army. He's taken to the prisons hospital ward.

MarkerV Sneak Attack Failedattack047
Issue 45
Michonne and Tyreese under the cover of the woods attack some of The Governor's men. The attempt fails and Tyreese is captured.

MarkerE Survivors Leave Van046
Issue 46
Dale, Andrea, Glenn, Maggie Greene, Billy, Ben and Sophia leave the prison before The Governor makes his final assault.

MarkerS Axel and Patricia Have Sex AxelPatricahvesex046
Issue 46
Axel and Patricia are interrupted by Alice in the prison hospital.

MarkerM Tyreese Beheaded Tyressebeheaded046
Issue 46
Tyreese is beheaded by The Governor with Michonne's katana.

MarkerM Gabe Killed Gabekilled047
Issue 47
Gabe shot in head by Andrea during Woodbury attack.

MarkerE Andrea Returns Andreareturns1047
Issue 47
Andrea returns to the prison. Firing from the roof of the Winnebago, She manages to kills several of Woodbury soldiers.

MarkerM Axel Killed Axelkilled047
Issue 47
Axel is shot in head during Woodbury attack.

MarkerV Tank Crash Tankcrash47
Issue 47
Unable to take the prison undamaged. The Governor rams the tank to the fence, destroying it.

MarkerE Lori Grimes Captured? Loricaptured047
Issue 47
Thinking the prison has been taken, Lori Grimes fakes her being captured by Alice to fool The Governor.

MarkerM Patricia Killed Patrisakilled048
Issue 48
Patricia shot in head during Woodbury attack.

MarkerM Billy Greene Killed Billykilled048
Issue 48
Billy Greene shot in head during the Woodbury attack.

MarkerM Alice Killed Alicekilled048
Issue 48
Alice is killed by The Governor during the Woodbury attack.

MarkerM Hershel Greene Killed Hershelkilled049
Issue 48
Hershel Greene asks to be killed by The Governor. He does.

MarkerM Lori Grimes and Judith Grimes Killed Lorikilled048
Issue 48
Lori Grimes and Judith Grimes killed fleeing the prison during the Woodbury attack.

MarkerM The Governor Killed Govshot048
Issue 48
Lilly, one of The Governor's own people, shoots him in the head during the end of the Woodbury attack.

MarkerZ Attack At Store Zombieattack049
Issue 49
While searching for supplies in an abandon Gas station, Rick Grimes is attacked by a roamer. He destroys it.

MarkerH Rick Grimes and Carl Grimes Safe House RCHouse049
Issue 49
Rick Grimes and Carl Grimes find a house to rest after the battle at the prison.

MarkerE Rick Grimes High Fever Rickfightsincetion050
Issue 50
Rick Grimes's stomach wound becomes infected. He takes bottle of antibiotics and passes out for 3 days.

MarkerZ Carl Grimes Protects Rick Grimes CarlprotectsRick050
Issue 50
Carl Grimes Protects his father from two roaming zombies near safe house.

MarkerZ Attacked By A Pack Manattacked51051
Issue 51
While hunting for food Rick Grimes and Carl Grimes witness a man being attacked by a large group of Roamers.

MarkerJ Finding A Car Carfound051
Issue 51
Rick Grimes and Carl Grimes find an abandoned El Camaro car loaded with supplies.

MarkerY Dead Lori Grimes Calls Loriphone051
Issue 51
Rick Grimes gets a call from his dead wife Lori Grimes on a disconnected phone. He takes the phone with him when they leave the house.

MarkerE Michonne Returns Michonnereturns052
Issue 52
Michonne meets up with Rick Grimes and Carl Grimes on the road to Hershel's Farm.

MarkerB Glenn and Maggie Greene On Horseback Horses052
Issue 52
Glenn and Maggie Greene find Rick Grimes, Carl Grimes and Michonne on the road to Hershel's Farm. Maggie Greene is told of the death of her father Hershel Greene & her brother Billy Greene.

MarkerA Abraham, Rosita and Eugene First Appearance AberoseandEugene053
Issue 53
Abraham, Rosita and Eugene arrive at Hershel's Farm. Eugene reveals himself to be a scientist and says that he knows what caused the outbreak and they must travel to Washington, DC. They join Rick Grimes's group.

MarkerE Heading To Washington, DC HeadingtoDC054
Issue 54
Rick Grimes's group heads on the road to Washington, DC. Rick Grimes's group: Rick Grimes, Carl Grimes, Michonne, Glenn, Maggie Greene, Sophia, Dale, Andrea, Billy, Ben, Abraham, Rosita and Eugene.

MarkerD Rick Grimes's Nightmare Rickdream55055
Issue 55
Rick Grimes has a nightmare in which a zombie Lori Grimes eats him.

MarkerC First Camp To Washington, DC 1stcamptoDC055
Issue 55
The first camp on the way to Washington, DC.

MarkerY Dead Lori Grimes second Call Loriphone2055
Issue 55
Rick Grimes's dead wife Lori Grimes calls again.

MarkerZ Sick Zombie Weakzombie055
Issue 55
The group encounters a lethargic zombie that does not attack them. Eugene is "Fascinated".

MarkerC Second Camp To Washington, DC 2stcamptoDC055
Issue 55
The second camp to Washington, DC.

MarkerV Maggie Greene Hangs Herself Maggiehang055
Issue 55
Maggie Greene tries to hang herself. Glenn saves her before she can succeed.

MarkerZ Rick Grimes Lowers His Guard AbrahamsavesRick056
Issue 56
While going to the bathroom at the tree line Rick Grimes is attacked by a zombie. Abraham shots it saving Rick Grimes.

MarkerE Rostia Comforts Abraham Abraham056
Issue 56
Abraham is concerned he may have considered killing Rick Grimes. He breaks down asking Rosita for help. She comforts him.

MarkerC Third Camp To Washington, DC Camp3057
Issue 57
third Camp to Washington, DC. Rick Grimes, Abraham and Carl Grimes head north on interstate 75 back to Cynthiana, Kentucky. Stayed Behind: Michonne, Dale, Andrea, Glenn, Maggie Greene, Rosita, Eugene, Billy, Ben and Sophia stay behind.

MarkerM Road Attack Carlattacked057
Issue 57
Rick Grimes, Abraham and Carl Grimes are attacked by three thugs on the road to Cynthiana, Kentucky. They try to rape Carl Grimes, but Rick Grimes manages to get free and savagely kills the thugs.

MarkerE Morgan Jones Found Morganreturns058
Issue 58
Rick Grimes, Abraham and Carl Grimes find Morgan Jones alive, but Duane Jones is now undead. Morgan Jones joins Rick Grimes's group heading to Washington, DC.

MarkerZ Duane Jones Bitten Dauneattacked058
Issue 58
Sometime between Issue 2 and Issue 57 Duane Jones is bitten by a zombie. Morgan Jones feeds him human remains. He can't bring himself to destroy his own son and sets him loose.

MarkerG Return To Rick Grimes's Police Station Stationhouse059
Issue 59
Rick Grimes, Abraham, Carl Grimes and Morgan Jones resupply ammo, guns and equipment at Rick Grimes's old station house.

MarkerZ Zombie Herd Horde
Issue 59
Coming back from Cynthiana, Kentucky, Rick Grimes, Abraham, Carl Grimes and Morgan Jones run into a zombie herd on the road. The car is completely destoyed.

MarkerH Herd House Hordehouse060
Issue 60
Rick Grimes, Abraham, Carl Grimes and Morgan Jones lead the herd to this house. Inside they create sound to distract the zombies and escape out the back.

MarkerH Dale's Farm House Dalefarm060
Issue 60
Dale and Andrea find old farm house down the road from third camp. Dale wants to stay but is forced to leave because of the approaching herd.

MarkerE Billy's Dead Cat Deadcat060
Issue 60
Billy kills a cat from the barn. He tells Ben not to say anything to Dale.

MarkerC Fourth Camp to Washington, DC 2rdcamp061
Issue 61
The fourth camp to Washington, DC. The group finds a working van with a mattress in the back.

MarkerY Dead Lori Grimes third Call DEADLORICALL3RD
Issue 61
Dead Lori Grimes Calls Rick Grimes to talk to him about Carl Grimes.

MarkerM Ben Kills Billy Benkillsbilly061
Issue 61
Ben kills his twin brother Billy hoping he will return to life.

MarkerA Reverend Stokes First Appearance Revstokes061
Issue 61
Reverend Gabriel Stokes appears. He believes God has lead him to the group.

MarkerM Carl Grimes Kills Ben CarlkillsBen051
Issue 61
During the night Carl Grimes secretly kills Ben to protect the group.

MarkerL Ben and Billy's Grave BillyBenBurid052
Issue 61
Ben and Billy buried together here.

MarkerE Hunters Track Huntersappear061
Issue 61
The cannibal hunters begin to follow Rick Grimes's group.

MarkerC Fifth Camp To DC Camp5062
Issue 62
Fifth Camp to Washington, DC.

MarkerZ Dale Bitten On Shoulder Dalebitten062
Issue 62
During a small zombie group attack on the camp. Dale is bitten on shoulder. He keeps it a secret from the group.

MarkerE Stalking Andrea HunterswatchAndrea062
Issue 62
Andrea is watch in the woods by a cannibal hunter.

MarkerS Abraham and Rostia Have Sex RositiaAbrahamsex062
Issue 62
Abraham and Rosita have sex in the truck cab. Eugene watches from the outside.

MarkerE Dale Abducted Dale062
Issue 62
Dale is knocked unconscious and taken by the hunters at night.

MarkerZ Zombie Ambush Abeattackedbyzombie063
Issue 63
Abraham is startled by a zombie that springs from the brush. It collapses and is lethargic.

MarkerW Father Gabriel's Church Church062
Issue 63
Father Gabriel's church. It served as a shelter in the beginning of the outbreak.

MarkerC The Hunters Camp Hunterscamp063
Issue 63
The cannibal hunters camp. The Hunters: Chris, Theresa, David, Greg, Charlie, and Albert are living here.

MarkerA Chris, The Hunter First Appearance Chris063
Issue 63
Chris, "The Cannibal", leader of the cannibal Hunters.

MarkerA Theresa The Hunter Teresa64
Issue 64
First Appearance of Theresa. a cannibal hunter. Prefers the taste of women flesh.

MarkerU Tainted Meat Taintedmeat064
Issue 64
Dale's left leg is eaten. He informs the hunters that he was bitten and they're eating "Tainted Meat". Knocked unconscious by Chris, .

MarkerA Albert The Hunter Albert
Issue 64
First Appearance of Albert. A cannibal hunter. He's afraid of becoming a "Deadie" after eating Dales leg.

MarkerA David The Hunter David
Issue 64
First Appearance of David. A cannibal Hunter. Believes that eating cooked flesh will not by harmful.

MarkerA Greg The Hunter Greg
Issue 64
First Appearance of Greg. A cannibal hunter.

MarkerE Dale Dumped Dale064
Issue 64
The hunters dump an unconscious Dale in front of Gabriel's church. A tactic to frighten Rick Grimes's group.

MarkerV Glenn Shot Glenn064
Issue 64
Glenn is shot in the right leg by the hunters.

MarkerR Eugene Heals Glenn Walkingdead651
Issue 65
Eugene cleans and mends Glenn's gunshot wound with hydrogen peroxide, candle wax and tea bags.

MarkerE Dale and Andrea Talk DaleAndreatalk056
Issue 65
Andrea tells Dale how much she loves him and will not hesitate when the time comes.

MarkerE House to House Search Searchinghomes056
Issue 65
Gabriel leads Rick Grimes, Abraham, Michonne and Andrea search local neighbor hoods for the hunters camp possible location.

MarkerE Rick Grimes Enters The Hunters Camp Rickapearsatcamp056
Issue 65
Rick Grimes's group finds the hunters camp. They confront Chris, and his group.

MarkerV Greg Loses A Ear Gregsear056
Issue 65
Rick Grimes has Andrea shot off Greg's left ear to show Chris, who is in charge.

MarkerV Chris, Loses A Finger Chrisfinger056
Issue 65
Chris, doesn't believe Rick Grimes and Abraham have back up. Andrea shots off Chris, 's index finger from a sniper position to make him understand he's wrong.

MarkerF Cannibal Bonfire Burn
Issue 66
Faced with the possibility of Chris, and his cannibal hunters following and killing Rick Grimes's group. Rick Grimes, Abraham, Michonne and Andrea kill, dismember and burn all 6 cannibal hunters.

MarkerF Dale Cremated Dale
Issue 66
Dale dies from his wounds and his body burned.

MarkerE Carl Grimes Confesses Carl
Issue 66
Carl Grimes confesses to his father that he killed Ben.

MarkerE Rick Grimes and Carl Grimes Talk Carlricktalk067
Issue 67
Carl Grimes and Rick Grimes talk about the killing of Ben. Carl Grimes didn't want to kill Ben, but he had to.

MarkerL Rest Stop Reststop067
Issue 67
The group scavenges for food and supplies. Carl Grimes is willing to give up his oatmeal.

MarkerE Eugene The Liar Eugenetheliar067
Issue 67
Eugene is revealed to be a high school science teacher posing as a government scientist. He lied to Abraham to survive. The walkie talkie he carried never had batteries in it.

MarkerA Aaron's First Appearance Stranger067
Issue 67
Rick Grimes and Abraham encounter Aaron on the road to Washington, DC. He tells them he is a representative from a group living in a "Safe Zone" near D. C. and asks them to join.

MarkerZ Zombie Attack Issue68-Battle1002
Issue 68
A group of undead attack Rick Grimes's survivors. Aaron helps them.

MarkerA Eric's First Appearance Issue68-eric004-1
Issue 68
Rick Grimes's survivors decide to trust Aaron and follow him to D. C. On the way they encounter Eric. Aaron's partner.

MarkerL Last Exit to D. C Exit
Issue 69
Aaron stops the group to take a "Peek" at Washington, D. C. from a safe distance.

MarkerE A Rescue Flare Flare
Issue 69
A flare is fired by "Safezone" supply runners in downtown Washington, D. C. Aaron, Rick Grimes and Abraham take the van to rescue them.

MarkerZ Downtown of the Dead Downtown
Issue 69
Rick Grimes, Abraham and Aaron head through downtown Washington, D. C. to rescue Aaron's people.

MarkerA Heath and Scott's first Appearance Heathrescue
Issue 69
Supply Runners Heath and Scott get pinned down by Zombies after Scott breaks his leg from a fall.

MarkerV Rescue Party Rescue
Issue 69
A group of armed men from Aaron's community come to the rescue They cut a path back to the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

MarkerZ Escaping Downtown Washington, D. C. Escape
Issue 69
Rick Grimes and Aaron's men escape heading down Pennsylvania Ave fighting hordes of undead along the way.

MarkerL Community Parking Lot Parkinglot70004
Issue 70
The Alexandria Safe-Zone community parking lot. All vehicles are stored here.

MarkerE The Blackeyed Boy Blackeye
Issue 70
Upon arriving in the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Rick Grimes observes a boy with a black eye. When asked how he got it he says, "I got hit by a baseball."

MarkerE Rick Grimes Meets Douglas Rickmeetsdouglas006
Issue 70
Rick Grimes meets Douglas Monroe, a former congressman from Ohio. Douglas interviews Rick Grimes and gives him the job of constable for the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

MarkerA Douglas's First Appearance Douglas
Issue 70
Former Congressman Douglas Monroe, Democratic representative from the second district of Ohio. Now leader of the Alexandria Safe-Zone community.

MarkerE Haircut and A Shave ShaveHaircut
Issue 70
Rick Grimes gets a hair cut from Olivia.

MarkerA Olivia's First Appearance Olivia
Issue 70
Olivia came to the Alexandria Safe-Zone after Douglas Monroe became the leader. She is good at cutting hair.

MarkerA Regina's First Appearance Regnia
Issue 70
Wife of Douglas Monroe. Doesn't trust her husband's decision to let Rick Grimes and his people move into the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

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Issue 7:

  • Shane Walsh Have Sex
  • (spoilers) Grave
  • Tyreese First Appearance
  • Lori Grimes Pregnant

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