Ren02 wrote on my talk page:

"The TV series has a slightly (or maybe quite?) different continuity from the graphic novel. It also has just only started and none (most?) of the characters haven't faced their grim deaths yet. So when the episode guide mentions these people and links to their character page then is it correct to take the reader to the continuity of the comic book?...Lori is very much alive and Duane isn't...undead yet.
"Should we perhaps create a second set of character pages that deal with the TV series? That would mean disambiguation pages for all the characters who appear in both and for example "Rick Grimes (comic book)" page should have a link to "Rick Grimes (TV series)" page and vice versa."

Mister had the same concerns.

Most people are now coming here for the TV series. Why not move the comic book characters which appear to "Rick Grimes (comic book)" and have the main page be the name only. At the top of the page, we will have:

"This article is about the Walking Dead TV series, for the comic book, see "Rick Grimes (comic book)"

I don't like disambig pages. Wikipedia tends to take the most popular name (for example the Wikipedia:Jericho page) and have a page on that, and any other reference to that name it says "see also xxx" at the top of the page. That way readers do not have to click through a second time to see the text they came here for.

In this way, by making the television series pages the main pages, the followers of the television series do not get spoilers as much with what happens later in the comic book.

In addition, we could add <tabber> tag on all templates, so that a person can click either template on the same page. Nevermind, with this fucked up new skin, the tabber templates don't work. I can't wait until my site on dead rising is complete and I leave wikia for good.