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    Ren02 wrote on my talk page:

    "The TV series has a slightly (or maybe quite?) different continuity from the graphic novel. It also has just only started and none (most?) of the characters haven't faced their grim deaths yet. So when the episode guide mentions these people and links to their character page then is it correct to take the reader to the continuity of the comic book?...Lori is very much alive and Duane isn't...undead yet.
    "Should we perhaps create a second set of character pages that deal with the TV series? That would mean disambiguation pages for all the characters who appear in both and for example "Rick Grimes (comic book)" page should have a link to "Rick Grimes (TV series)" page and vice versa."

    Mister had the same concerns.


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    User:Darkseid01 just wrote me:

    Hi. Just thought I'd give you a headsup that issue writeups for #19-25 and #29-69 are available on the Image wiki. I wrote the ones on #29-69 so you're welcome to use them if you'd like.

    Here is the issue writeups he is talking about: More information available

    I will ask him about any attribution he would like. Anno1404 23:20, November 10, 2010 (UTC)

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    This is a google map which shows the location of every major (and many minor) events in the series, based on a google map done by a fan (which is up to date)

    ALL of the issues have links to the external map,* for example:

    Issue 7:

    • Shane Walsh Have Sex
    • (spoilers) Grave
    • Tyreese First Appearance
    • Lori Grimes Pregnant
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    Better character template

    November 8, 2010 by Anno1404

    I just redesigned the character template: Template:Character Info.

    It is now much easier to change the template colors based on the character statuses, and you don't have to be an admin to change those colors or add new statuses now.


    Entering the following Creates

    The other three templates changed by status

    The new Template:Character Info is easier to read, and easier to add new entries too as the need arises.

    You can now use both lower case and title case (Undead and undead).

    Template colors and adding new statuses are changed at : Template:Color

    Hope this helps.

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    Would you all agree that Walking Dead truly improves on the comic book? I just reread the first issue of the comic book online free! and was amazed at how much the comic book.

    There are many examples, but here are two:

    First, the idea that Morgan would be worried about Rick's wound being a bite is not explored in the comic book, it is in the television show.
    Second, the way in which the decimated zombie woman next to the bicycle is handled is superior in the tv episode. In the tv episode you see a long trail of guts along the grass left by the zombie, and Rick's conversation with the zombie before he shoots it is really well done. this is not present in the comic book.

    What do you all think? Does the Walking Dead truly improve on the comic bo…

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