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    in harm's way

    April 16, 2014 by Anniex7

    WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS! I made a blog for the next episode of the video game, In Harm's Way. The trophies were listed yesterday:

    Fresh Fish - Arrived at your new home.

    Long Way Down - Witnessed a murder.

    One Long Day - Made it through your first day.

    Always the Quiet Ones - Comitted larceny.

    Not in Nottingham - Got beaten down.

    Come Hither - Invited some friends into the compound.

    Rehabilitated - Gave what you got.

    Eye of the Storm - Completed Episode 3: "In Harms Way".

    Based on the trophies and the preview, I guessed the plot would be like this:

    So, the hostages will arrive at Carver's community.

    Clementine witnessed a murder. Who do you think is the murder?

    Failing to escape to Nottingham and got beaten down.

    Clementine invited Annie and Laura int…

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  • Anniex7

    Terminus - The Cannibals

    March 31, 2014 by Anniex7

    I'm pretty sure that Terminus is the home of cannibals.

    In episode A, when Rick, Michonne, Daryl and Carl are running away from Terminus residents, i saw they passed a place full of skeletons.

    what if the residents kill other survivors to take meat in order to survive?

    when Mary accidental shoots Alex, she didn't seem shocked over Alex's death. THEY WILL EAT ALEX.

    what do you think about terminus?

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  • Anniex7

    These are your choices about what will happen in episode "Still"

    Can't wait until march to watch new episode!

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