Get ready for the most emotional basket of emotions you'll ever come across....

TWD Volume 20 logo Today, Perry talks about "After"

The Prison

Oh lawd jesus its a fire!

Okay, so I reallu did like how Michonne went back to the prison and found...That...Head...WHY?!

The Prison is basically turned to ruins now, I guess, it is very strange however...That..Well. I'll come to that in a little bit ☺


One last goodbye to our amazing friend ♥ It made me cry so hard when you seen his head, all....Sad looking. I couldn't stop bawling.

the most important thing though...that well...Where was his body o_o 


The Govenor

It was pretty sad to see the govenor finally at his resting, finally dead. What concerned me was why the walkers never stopped to eat him...


Oh holy pudding

To Conclude 

EPIC episode

Can't wait for more!

Edit: lol, I'm really sorry about the inappropriate language on this blog post :3

I'll make some changes tomorrow