Hello! Welcome to my first official Blog!

OK. So. Lets get started ;)

Today I will be talking about Episode FIVE! OF the walking dead season 4, Internment


The Governor

The Governor returned this episode for a brief few seconds. I am very excited to see his plan of attack!


Dr. Subway

I was very dissapointed to see this amazing character go. I was really tearing up when he was dead to be honest. RIP Subway :3 (You can say he can now...EAT FRESH! *puts on sun glasses* YEAAAAHHHHH)

Mr. Jacobson

Never knew him. RIP Jacobson boi' :3

Unnamed Crying Mother

Accidentaly shot. Oh well. RIP Blondie :3

Overall Reveiw

Loved the walkers breaking in. Loved everything. 9/10

Yeah. This is my first reveiw so i'm horrible at it.

Sowwee :3


- Perry.x