TWD Volume 20 logo Today, Perry talks about Carl's Death
So I'v been wondering if Carl was to die. How would he die?


Gov. Shooting

This is probably 5% possibly. But it could be a possibility when it comes to the future episodes that the Gov. could kill Carl. If I was writing this death I'd probably make it an accident. Going to shoot Rick and shooting Carl instead! (Like Merle with Ben)

(Attempted) Suicide

OK. So i'm not saying that Carl is suicidle. But this could happen. You know. Maybe Rick dies and he goes to kill himself? Very UNLIKELY but could happen? Right


OK. Here is one that has to happen sometime.  He gets bit and is going to turn and shoots himself or Daryl does it.


I doubt that Carl will be leaving any time soon... But He has to die soon? Right?


So. Yeah. All i'm saying it that Carl could die. He must die. He should die >:D

Leave your comments bellow and I'll try and reply to you all :3


- Perry.x

Edit: OK! I see your point about Carl not dying. I know he will probably not die any time soon. Maybe not ever. Just a thought I had. XD 

PawsomePerry (talk) 22:26, November 21, 2013 (UTC)