TWD Volume 20 logo Today, Perry talks about Live Bait

Hello guys. Today I'm going to be talking about Last nights episode, "Live Bait"

I see some people think it was VERY boring. But I think it was good and different, Because we never seen the prison. Instead we got to see The Gov. and his journey throughout the months.

Scenes I liked

Burning Woodbury

I thought this was sort of emotional, He had built up a great community and soon it burnt to the ground. I really liked this little scene as it shows why he was out on the road. (But what there any need to burn it to the ground?)

The Love Scene

The part where Lilly and The Governor make love kinda scared me a little. I mean yea, I knew it was coming but I didn't think they would do it right beside a little girl for crying out loud XD

I guess thats the risk you have to take when you havn't had sex in 5-6 months...

No prison?

I thought it was different when they never showed the prison, Only the Gov. 


I LOVED this episode. I give it...

5/5 for Plot

4/5 for Characters

5/5 for zombie action!

All around great episode!

- Perry.x