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  • AmazingPurry

    Hello there! And today I'd like to share my view on how the bus (inmates) for overrun.

    In the beginning of time...A bus was stranded in the open road, with no hopes of rescue. Ooh how?

    All the residents inside the bus got trapped inside and where turning vastly.

    So, how did this whole bus of people die in a short 24 hours?

    Well, I know its obviously clear how they died,maybe, but I'm going to share my opinion with you anyways.

    So I think they broke down and decided to hide out in the bus for the night. One or maybe more walkers come along and get inside. Infecting the whole bus.

    So, how did they get trapped?

    Thats really all I had to say today

    So yeah, Leave your comments in the comment boxes bellow and yeah...

    Bye xox

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  • AmazingPurry

    Get ready for the most emotional basket of emotions you'll ever come across....

    Oh lawd jesus its a fire!

    Okay, so I reallu did like how Michonne went back to the prison and found...That...Head...WHY?!

    The Prison is basically turned to ruins now, I guess, it is very strange however...That..Well. I'll come to that in a little bit ☺

    One last goodbye to our amazing friend ♥ It made me cry so hard when you seen his head, all....Sad looking. I couldn't stop bawling.

    the most important thing though...that well...Where was his body o_o 


    It was pretty sad to see the govenor finally at his resting, finally dead. What concerned me was why the walkers never stopped to eat him...

    Oh holy pudding

    EPIC episode

    Can't wait for more!

    Edit: lol, I'm really sorry ab…

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  • AmazingPurry

    I don't know how many times this has been discussed, Don't judge me for making another blog for a topic that has been discussed 10000 times, Anyways...Leggo :)

    So I have been wondering, IF Christa has her baby, What would they call it?

    I would personally think if it was a boy they SHOULD call it Lee ♥ Come on, that would be cute for Tell tale games!

    If it is a girl then I would have no clue, Maybe a unique name, Like...Snowflake? :D I don't know

    Let me hear your thoughts on this ♥


    - Perry.x

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  • AmazingPurry

    Well...This is awkward...

    OK. Hi everyone if the network :3

    So basically there is this wiki (le link ) called The Walking Dead Fanon Wiki

    I was wondering if anyone would contribute to that?


    I personally think that most people wont give second looks to this blog

    But I do want to know.

    So thanks. - Perry.x

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  • AmazingPurry

    "Too Far Gone" Review

    December 7, 2013 by AmazingPurry

    The most emotional episode I think i'v ever watched...EVER

    Lets just get started before I curl into a ball and cry


    So, This death actually annoyed me a little, Even though her mother was told that they couldn't pass the lake, She still stared at it instead of keeping an eye on her child that you could clearly see had a path beside her leading in and out of the forest. Yeah. Haterz Gon' Hate.

    I..HATE....Writers....Why did you kil of this amazing guy :'o I loved him, Cried so hard when he died.  I couldn't beilve it. Idiot Gov.  -_-

    Ding dong the witch is dead, I really liked this character, Sad to see him go.

    Is Judith Dead or Alive? I personally think she is bitten but was taken out of her car seat before she could get any damag…

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