On the next episode of the fourth season, Indifference, will we be seeing Morgan Jones again?

On November 19 of last year, it was confirmed that Morgan would be returning to the show in Season 3, his return indeed occured in this year's Clear, which aired on March 3rd. News of Morgan's return was announced approximately 4 months (rounded up) before the episode that reintroduced him aired.

On July 19, of this year, it was confirmed by Showrunner Scott M. Gimple that Season 4 would see Morgan's return, and this was around Comic-con.

This is where things start to get intersting: Tonight's episode airs on November 3rd. In both cases the announcements for Morgan's return occured on the 19th of a month and (in one case, so far), the episode which he returns happens on the 3rd of the month that occurs 4 months later.

Simply put, the time between November 19 and March 3 is the same as the time between July 19 and November 3.

I worked this out a while ago, but put the idea to rest as I thought it was a coincedence. 

And here's where it get's REALLY interesting:

According to casting calls from SpoilerTV (a source I find to be very reliable - most of the time), three characters: Jack, Erin and Julio are to be featured. This is interesting because the opening shot of the episode Clear is a sign acting as a message from J. to Erin. It is quite peculiar that 'Erin' will be appearing again in the next episode and she is accompained by Julio and Jack (one of which could be J.)

NOTE: I do recall that there was a walker that had a bracelet with the name 'Erin' on it, and there is a wiki page dedicated to this walker, with it identified as Erin - simply because of the bracelet. It is odd to think that someone would wear a bracelet with their own name on it. This could disprove my theory, yet regardless, this is simply speculation with technical and wordy evidence.

What do you think?