Killer Within is easily the best episode of the whole series. It featured the deaths of two characters: Lori and T-Dog. T-Dog I'm quite sad about because he had great potential and I was very keen on seeing 'these big plans', they had in store for him, as he has the least character development of the whole series. Suffice to say, I like how his death was heroic and final - Now that I think of it, nobody has died in sacrifice, which is how both deaths took place.

Now on to Lori. Lori is the most hated character in The Walking Dead, personally I didn't really like or hate her but she was a pretty screwed up character, in terms of writing. These last few episodes I started to feel sorry for her, and I like how her death was on a good note - She (indirectly) acknowledges to making mistakes by warning Carl not to do so; telling him that it is easy to do the wrong thing. So I'm quite glad with her departure as a whole in terms of how it progresses the story. Those last few moments, I actually LIKED Lori.

But what do you think? Are you glad she's gone?