From these hints, the fifth episode of the season, Internment, shows that the fourth season refuses to slow down. It is from SpoilerTV, and before you begin to question the credibility of this source, the poster has actually watched the episode:

Source: http://www.spoilertv.com/2013/11/the-walking-dead-episode-405-internment_6168.html

After spending last week episode outside the prison, in Internment, we are going back to the prison, and with the sickness and all that, it’s pretty much as dangerous as outside. I might say it’s even more dangerous. The walkers are outside, and now they are also inside !

So, what can you expect from this episode :

- Lots of suspense ! After the first 20 minutes, which were a little slow, I could not keep my eyes off my screen. What is happening in the prison is crazy and it’s awesome ! It’s exactly what you can expect from The Walking Dead, everything is calm and nice and then suddenly, all hell broke loose !

- Remember Glenn and Sasha were sick last time we saw. Well now, they are definitely sicker…. They are both in jeopardy. I’m really hoping they will survive this, but I’m having doubts. - Lots of deaths ! Yeah, it’s the Walking Dead folks, so people are dying and coming back as walker and after they finally died… or not. So, expect many, many deaths (including humans and walkers) in Internment.

- Has anyone seen Carol ? Rick will tell a couple of people what happened to Carol and why. They both react differently, one is totally okay with Rick’s decision, the other is quite saddened of losing Carol.

- Daryl and its group found their way back to the prison ! Apparently, they did not want turn on the new car’s radio to listen to the army message again….

- Father and Son bonding : Rick spends some quality time with his son and I really like how their relationship is evolving. It’s touching. Carl used to be a pain in the ass, but now, he is so much better and stronger. He isn’t a kid no more.

- Once again, during a walker attack, one character will act very stupidly, putting its life in real danger... Oh, and another one is just too dumb and slow, it is turned in less than 5 seconds. Stupid people make great walkers.

- Hershel is one of the main characters of this episode and I liked it. At first, when he was still at his farm, I had some troubles with Hershel. I did not see the point of his character. He was just old and conversative, and his point of view on walkers was irritating. (No, they are not people ! They eat people !). But now, he grew on me and now, I see why he is relevant to the story. He is calm and wise, he’s exactly what the group (and Rick) needed in season 2. Hershel is very good at making people think about their actions. He is a better moral compass than Dale ever was. Hershel still has his troubles with killing walkers (we saw it in season 2) and they are addressing that in this episode as well. It’s a nice evolution. So, yeah go Hershel ! … I’m not sure how much longer he can survive.

- Someone is coming back to the prison ! I’m not saying who, but it’s the last shot of the episode and you don’t wanna miss it.

Internment is a nice installment. The fourth season may be the best season yet of The Walking Dead. Everything is there, the new showrunner clearly understood what was wrong in the past seasons (useless dialogues, stupid decisions, etc) and he is establishing his mark on the show, and it’s an excellent one.

So, don’t miss the episode, it will in the UK on Friday 19th November on FOX.

Romain Ossust(aka Julian Denton) Writer

I think the last point might have interested you the most - THE GOVERNOR. This means that (most likely) 6&7 will be the standalone episodes. Of course, the person who returns could be Carol, but I think she's going to be gone for a while a la Season 3.