Spoilers for those who haven't played A House Divided.

I'm not sure if this has been mentioned here, but I'm pretty sure that someone has thought about this...

And so, Bonnie is the first of the five from 400 Days to appear in the second season of Telltale's The Walking Dead. Her appearance didn't shock me as such because it was mentioned that a character from 400 Days was going to appear in the seventh episode. What did shock me was her affiliation with Carver, which I found to be an effective (albeit small) plot twist. And this lead to a lot of questions...

Namely, what the f*ck is Bonnie doing here?

Doing some approximation, we can assume that the events of A House Divided occurs about 2 years after the apocalypse began (correct me if I'm wrong). The epilogue of 400 days occurs (no shit) 400 days after the apocalypse begins, and this is about a year before Episode 7. Clearly a lot can happen in one year.

The interesting thing is that Bonnie is the only character that will join Tavia's community regardless of anyone's decisions and she appears alone (as in without anyone else from 400 days) in Episode 7. This leads me to theorize two of many possibilities:

A- Tavia's community is actually Carver's group all along. B- Tavia's community was raided/killed by Carver's and Bonnie was forced to join at gunpoint.

Now, I realize that A might be more possible than B but this is The Walking Dead, which basically can be summed up into two words: shit happens. I'm also not ruling out B because a lot can happen in a year.

It's possible that those who joined Tavia's group will reappear in In Harm's Way, if not also Tavia herself.