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    Spoilers for those who haven't played A House Divided.

    I'm not sure if this has been mentioned here, but I'm pretty sure that someone has thought about this...

    And so, Bonnie is the first of the five from 400 Days to appear in the second season of Telltale's The Walking Dead. Her appearance didn't shock me as such because it was mentioned that a character from 400 Days was going to appear in the seventh episode. What did shock me was her affiliation with Carver, which I found to be an effective (albeit small) plot twist. And this lead to a lot of questions...

    Namely, what the f*ck is Bonnie doing here?

    Doing some approximation, we can assume that the events of A House Divided occurs about 2 years after the apocalypse began (correct me if I'm w…

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  • Alisabir99

    Episode Titles.

    December 19, 2013 by Alisabir99

    I think it's always interesting when the episode titles are revealed and we're left wondering what they mean. Obviously, there are those you hate, and those you love. Personally, for me; I usually like the short, one-word episodes but sometimes the longer ones are O.K. as well. Ironically most of my favourites are pretty long.

    There are also 'types' of episode titles like,

    1. Spoken Words in the given episodes (e.g. Clear, Chupacabra, Too Far Gone.)

    2. Titles that depict events or a location (e.g. Beside the Dying Fire, Welcome to the Tombs.)

    3. Metaphors and Themes (e.g. Prey, Indifference, The Suicide King.)

    Episode titles usually come in these formats:

    1. One-word (e.g. Sick, Seed, Internment.)

    2. More-than-one-word (e.g. When the Dead Come Kn…

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  • Alisabir99


    December 16, 2013 by Alisabir99

    It's been two weeks since the mid-season finale, and here we are enjoying the wait (sarcasm.) I thought it was a fitting end to The Governor, and a heartbreaking end to Hershel, who will be greatly missed. During the episode, out of nowhere, you have Lizzie headshot Alisha like a BAMF, and I know a lot of people's - mine (partially) included - opinions changed about Lizzie, who is a more celebrated character, as far as I have seen than post-'Too Far Gone'.

    I was initially was skeptical about her role in the season, as she appeared in the trailer. I thought she was going to be a background character with a few lines, but her involvement to this season's storyline and plot has taken me by surprise. I didn't really think much of her character,…

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  • Alisabir99

    I'm fully aware that David Morrissey's Governor is constantly been criticized in the aspect of character or storyline. I'll admit, I like the approach taken by the writers with the Governor, but it could use improvement. I thought Season 3 could wrap his storyline nicely, but it didn't, which is the main reason I'm skeptical of Sunday's 'Live Bait', though I trust Scott Gimple to add another dimension to the Governor. His standalone episodes stretch across this and the next episode, giving him a lot of time to be reintroduced. After that we have the midseason finale, which is the final assault on the Prison. It has a tank. Lots of deaths. Governor dies, right?

    I'm not too sure.

    I found an article that shares some interesting information whic…

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  • Alisabir99

    Internment Teasers

    November 9, 2013 by Alisabir99


    From these hints, the fifth episode of the season, Internment, shows that the fourth season refuses to slow down. It is from SpoilerTV, and before you begin to question the credibility of this source, the poster has actually watched the episode:


    After spending last week episode outside the prison, in Internment, we are going back to the prison, and with the sickness and all that, it’s pretty much as dangerous as outside. I might say it’s even more dangerous. The walkers are outside, and now they are also inside !

    So, what can you expect from this episode :

    - Lots of suspense ! After the first 20 minutes, which were a little slow, I could not keep …

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