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Daryl in the Comics

Alisabir September 7, 2012 User blog:Alisabir

As we all know, the epic Daryl Dixon is being brought over to the comics! Here's my original idea of how he might show up:

It was long speculated that Daryl was the figure on the cover of Issue 101, however this is Dwight, the same guy that appears at the end of the issue, and is tied up. The figure on Issue 102 (I think) is Daryl, as it has not been announced who it is.

I predict that he will appear at the end of that issue, as some random survivor, and the last two panels will be like: Who are you? - I'm Daryl Dixon. Kind of like a cliffhanger.

And to retain to the nature of the TV Series, I think that Daryl will somehow acquire Dwight's crossbow, as a result of Dwight's eventual death.

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