Chapter One: The Neighbors

My eyes widened as I stared blankly at my mother and father, watching the news. They didn't mean for me to watch what was happening. Footage playing at the chaos in numerous places. None I could recognize. When car alarms went off now-a-days, they told us to hide. When the heard gunshots, they told us to hide. When they heard sirens, the told us to hide. Their was no threatening sound that my mother, my two brothers, and my sister, didn't cringe in fear at.

My brothers and sister could be heard screaming from upstairs. A window shattered and we ran as fast as we could. My father had a baseball-bat in hand, ready to whack down on anything that crossed his path. When he saw or neighbor, Jorge, tearing at my sister's throat, he whacked as hard as he knew how. My mother, on the other hand, ran to check on my brothers. Her short, brown hair whirled behind her as she ran. Sweat dripped down her face as she saw my brother, Damien, standing up tall, and dead.

His dark brown hair had blood dripping from it, his eyes seemed cold. The majority of his face had gone mysteriously missing and blood streamed from his wounds. Other than his face, he wasn't damaged that much. "Aeahhe," he whispered. "Eahha." He lunged at mom, whose face was wet with tears. Others followed as I ran upstairs to the attic. I grabbed my brother's B.B. gun and broke the glass window. He ran to the roof and steadily climbed to the top. Thousands of them walked the streets, screams came from down below, and I had no where to go. It was impossible to get out.