If anyone read my earlier blog, I mentioned that I was downloading the second episode of TellTale's game, The Walking Dead and really I just want to speak what I think about anything about the Walking Dead and really...this is the place to do it!

Now whereas the first episode wasn't as dark as this one, this episode seemed to get darker and more gorier. I mean, this episode is one of those episodes where it focuses on the people more and how other survivors live, and that made this episode more scary. We all know what zombies do. They walk around trying to eat you. But when it comes to humans, people that are alive. You can never be too sure whether or not they are safe to be around and when you are put into a scenario where almost anything can happen and everything is completely unpredictable, you start thinking in overdrive. And that is a strong factor for this game, if they delivered it correctly then the game is going to be good. But ofcourse, its The Walking Dead. If it ain't good then I am ashamed that it would have the three symbolic words!

Overall, the episode was well worth £3.99 and its such a shame that we all had to wait that extra bit longer, but hopefully now they have everything under control and all future episodes will be released on scheduel. Bring on episode 3!!!