After a long time researching and catching up on my Walking Dead news, I have finally came to the desicion that I am obsessed with everything about it. Right now as I am typing these words, the second episode of TellTale's episodic video game is being downloaded onto my PS3. I was completely hooked onto the first episode of the game and was estatic to hear that TellTale are going to be making a Season 2 for the game. Thank God! I need more Walking Dead material to make me survive the long wait for

the TV series (In my opinion, the best format!) Its funny when you think about it. I honestly believe that struggling to survive and living in fear of the dead would be easier than waiting several months to see the next episode of the show. But I guess with the novels, episodic game, comics, action figures and God know's what else in the ever expanding Walking Dead universe that the wait should be easier. Ah well, the game has downloaded 98% now, time to get ready for some descent gaming!

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