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  • Alex-S-Scott

    Rick vs The Governor?

    November 28, 2012 by Alex-S-Scott

    Just watched the epic 'When the Dead Come Knocking' and after seeing such an ending (the music of this program really do give its epicness so much, thumbs up to you Bear McCreary if you ever see this! - I doubt it though!) I am so excited for next week's midseason finale it unbelievable...now that really brings me to the topic of this discussion...will Rick and The Governor square of at each other and how will it go down...now if you have read the comic then you would know that when Rick and The Governor do meet, it is quickly and clearly established that The Governor has the upper hand (quite literally!). Then that really is for them both going at each other head-to-head, but I am wondering that now Rick has gone to Woodbury to get Glenn …

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  • Alex-S-Scott

    If anyone read my earlier blog, I mentioned that I was downloading the second episode of TellTale's game, The Walking Dead and really I just want to speak what I think about anything about the Walking Dead and really...this is the place to do it!

    Now whereas the first episode wasn't as dark as this one, this episode seemed to get darker and more gorier. I mean, this episode is one of those episodes where it focuses on the people more and how other survivors live, and that made this episode more scary. We all know what zombies do. They walk around trying to eat you. But when it comes to humans, people that are alive. You can never be too sure whether or not they are safe to be around and when you are put into a scenario where almost anything…

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  • Alex-S-Scott

    The Walking Dead

    July 8, 2012 by Alex-S-Scott

    After a long time researching and catching up on my Walking Dead news, I have finally came to the desicion that I am obsessed with everything about it. Right now as I am typing these words, the second episode of TellTale's episodic video game is being downloaded onto my PS3. I was completely hooked onto the first episode of the game and was estatic to hear that TellTale are going to be making a Season 2 for the game. Thank God! I need more Walking Dead material to make me survive the long wait for

    the TV series (In my opinion, the best format!) Its funny when you think about it. I honestly believe that struggling to survive and living in fear of the dead would be easier than waiting several months to see the next episode of the show. But I …

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