For those of you who don't know Lauren Cohan(Maggie) has a Twitter(@LaurenCohan) and an Instagram(@Loloco_). And on these accounts she posted five Season 4 Sneak Peeks in the past two days. These pics include:

A picture of the woods that says

"Filming Peek: Running in woods"

Another that shows a camera and a ruined kitchen that says

"Filming Peek:Abandoned Home"

A picture that shows a set worker locking a fence and behind the fence on stairs is Michonne talking to an actress who looks like either Andrea OR Beth. Whether this means Michonne and Beth friendship or Andrea flashback, I have no idea.

And the final picture shows two walkers posing in front of the assumed abandoned house in a neighborhood with the caption

"Bout to shoot these mo foes"

(Yeah that one was pretty random)

AND Finally one that just shows her with some fans but the caption says

"Back in SenoiaCoffee&Cafe"

So this means in the first few episodes we'll see searching scenes and more scenes filmed in Senoia,Georgia (Where Woodbury is filmed)     <----------------Pics are here!

Thanks for reading!