\Pre Script: Excuse me if I am putting this blog on the wrong Wiki,I am fairly new to the Wiki,but I'm aware there is a Wiki called Undead Fan Stories but I don't know if this belongs there due to the fact this pretains to the Walking Dead franchise, not another storyline. I also understand the end of this series is (hopefully) a long ways away but after seeing a post of something like this (By AIVan I think) I thought it'd be cool to do this. 

Pre-Pre-Script:This is really long and a bit ridiculous. Read If You Dare

The Following Is Far After Where The TV Series Currently Is. The last characters left (that we know of) are Rick and Carl. They find themselves trapped in a small store with half job barricades on the windows and  doors. Walkers are crawling in and  they're low on ammo. As they back up into a wall for what they both know may as well be their final stand,Rick is nearly bit. As he is blocking the walker away Carl kills the walker,but more are pouring in. In a panic Carl flares his gun around deciding which to shoot in the oncoming crowd of walkers,another comes near his father,he shoots but he thinks he misses....the bullet goes straight through Rick into the walker. Rick is shot right where he was pre-apocalypse. As he passes out Carl starts saying his name...crying....telling him to wake up. We see Rick's first person perspective...the walkers are drawing in and the light is coming due to losing conciousness. Suddenly Rick is back in his hospital bed,Carl and Lori standing near. Carl says "Dad...I thought you'd never wake up...I thought you were gone." Rick says he did too. After Lori,Carl,and Rick finish crying a doctor comes in. It's Phillip Blake,the governor...Rick says nothing yet looks astonished. After being fixed up and let go Rick finally starts asking questions. He finds out Shane was arrested for beating up a man named Ed Peletier who was accused of domestic violence against his wife and daughter. Rick returns to the police station to find the new Officer is a man named Sargent Ford. After all these coincedences, Rick asks to go him. When he gets home he asks Lori about Shane and her. After she admits to cheating,they want a divorce. Rick decides to get himself a lawyer,when he gets there,the lawyer he hires is named Michonne...Lori's lawyer is named Andrea. Rick finally decides to relax at home.On his way there...he's stopped by a group of men,and a man named Negan asks for directions. Rick finally decides on staying home. But he sees his neighbor...Morgan Jones...getting his mail. Rick remembers how his friend went insane in his long dream. He approaches him...they say "Hi" and ask each other how they're doing and  shake hands. Morgan says "The sky's clear...so is my mind...Clear".


That's my ending. How would you end it? Do you like things when they seem like something from Lost? Did you laugh at that joke? Do you think ,in the end, Rick WILL really just wake up?