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    400 Days-Tavia

    July 2, 2013 by AlanBrady

    I recently added a page for the 400 Days' Epilogue Character,Tavia. Unfortunately I HAVE NO CLUE ON HOW TO ADD TO THE PAGE. Apologies to admins.

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  • AlanBrady

    I hope everyone is excited for Season 4 of the Walking Dead TV show. Scott M. Gimple (Showrunner of Season 4) has released the title of the Season 4 premiere! The title is...."30 Days Without An Accident". SPECULATION TIME.

    Perhaps it's been one month since the Governor attacked?

    Perhaps Rick has gone one month without hallucinating?

    But I think this means,whatever the accident thirty days ago was,was not the last as the 31st day could bring an accident(Rick injuring his fingers as seen in previous photos,another walker attack,another Woodbury attack?).

    What are YOUR thoughts on the premiere's title?


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  • AlanBrady

    \Pre Script: Excuse me if I am putting this blog on the wrong Wiki,I am fairly new to the Wiki,but I'm aware there is a Wiki called Undead Fan Stories but I don't know if this belongs there due to the fact this pretains to the Walking Dead franchise, not another storyline. I also understand the end of this series is (hopefully) a long ways away but after seeing a post of something like this (By AIVan I think) I thought it'd be cool to do this. 

    Pre-Pre-Script:This is really long and a bit ridiculous. Read If You Dare

    The Following Is Far After Where The TV Series Currently Is. The last characters left (that we know of) are Rick and Carl. They find themselves trapped in a small store with half job barricades on the windows and  doors. Walkers…

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  • AlanBrady

    For those of you who don't know Lauren Cohan(Maggie) has a Twitter(@LaurenCohan) and an Instagram(@Loloco_). And on these accounts she posted five Season 4 Sneak Peeks in the past two days. These pics include:

    A picture of the woods that says

    "Filming Peek: Running in woods"

    Another that shows a camera and a ruined kitchen that says

    "Filming Peek:Abandoned Home"

    A picture that shows a set worker locking a fence and behind the fence on stairs is Michonne talking to an actress who looks like either Andrea OR Beth. Whether this means Michonne and Beth friendship or Andrea flashback, I have no idea.

    And the final picture shows two walkers posing in front of the assumed abandoned house in a neighborhood with the caption

    "Bout to shoot these mo foes"


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  • AlanBrady

    Hey Guys,Alan here,I posted The Tyreese Special photos for all you guys that can't get it!

    Happy Free Comic Book Day!

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