Andrew Lincoln

Laurie Holden

Norman Reedus

Danai Gurira

Melissa McBride

Steven Yeun

Lauren Cohan

Chandler Riggs

Chad Coleman

And Scott Wilson

Lori and Merle are dead so that leaves two slots and the Governor will likely be mutilated by Andrea and presumed dead by everyone; Woodbury wouldn't be major location and the Governor wouldn't reappear until the mid-season finale which leaves a third slot.

So I added Carol, Tyreese, and Hershel. Since season 4 will likely see the demise of Carol and Hershel, they should have a lot of screentime in their final season. And yes, I do think that tomorrow night's finale will only see the death of Allen. Sasha and Milton are both maybes and I think everyone else is safe. So who would be your ideal season 4 main cast?